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DAY 1: Resolve to get fit in 2011? Check out our pick – Equinox!

Welcome to Day 1 of Bethesda 365! We are excited to share our favorite haunts, facts, tips and experiences we enjoy in our hometown of Bethesda, MD.  As two real estate professionals, we spend a lot of time helping clients get to know our area.  We figured that our blog, Bethesda 365, would be a great way to share some insights.

Equinox from Woodmont Ave

Today, January 1st, we feature our favorite gym – Equinox.  It is a premier fitness center that opened its doors in Bethesda in the fall of 2010.  If you join (or are already a member) we recommend trying out Tabata!  It’s a tough class that really works you hard!  One tip, Tabata classes are usually VERY full so get there early to stake out your spot.

Cool eucalyptus towels!

One of our favorite treats at Equinox is the cool eucalyptus towels they offer on the fitness floor.  Wow!  What a refreshment after a hard workout.

Equinox is a pleasure to visit for lots of reasons.  Brian highly recommends the showers!  And no, in case you’re wondering, we are not being paid to tout how great they are – heck, we just started this blog today.  We just genuinely enjoy the experience of a workout there and think it would be a great way to stick to your New Year’s resolution to GET FIT in 2011.  Check in tomorrow for more Bethesda 365…and please send us any suggestions for a future blog.  ~Amy

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