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Day 6: Wholey Cow! Check out that cheese!

Are these for real?!?!

Whole Foods is the WHOLE package – a bakery, a deli, a fresh fruit stand, a flower shop, a fish market, a meat shop, a salad bar, an olive and antipasti stand and even a CHEESE shop.  Ohhhh, especially a cheese shop!

Cheese Heaven

As a cheese lover, I can tell you that I have seen few places (other than a quaint cheese shop in Boulogne-sur-Mer, France) that can compete with the selections offered at Whole Foods located at 5269 River Rd in Bethesda.  You will know that you are approaching the delectable cheese section of the store when your nose detects its pungent bouquet far before your eyes might lay upon it!  But oh boy, it’s worth the assault to the senses to come home with your bag of exquisite delights.

The Olive & Antipasti Bar

Of course, if you’re having cheese, one must also enjoy some fresh berries, or perhaps olives, crackers and other accompaniments.  Whole foods is ready to deliver – and everything is fresh and organic!

What does Organic mean? Click here.

Obviously, Whole Foods is not just about cheese (that’s just my favorite part!).  The core value of the Whole Foods corporation, as advertised on their web site, is to sell “the highest quality natural and organic products available.”

Some tips for a great Whole Foods experience in Bethesda:
  • AVOID the Saturday and Sunday afternoon and rush hour crowds.  Parking is just plain awful there.  The lot is small and terribly crowded.  Go during off days and times to have the best experience.
  • Check the Whole Food website and print coupons for your favorite treats.  You can also check out their healthy recipes.
  • Bring or buy reuseable grocery bags!  You have to do your part to be “green” after all.
  • Did you know you can ask to taste samples of the goodies in the fresh food section?  Go for it!
  • Check out Whole Foods on Twitter: @WFMcheese (their global cheese buyer); @WFM_MoCo (our local shops in Montgomery County).

Only a Fraction of the Delights

Brian and I love not only the taste of all that we buy at Whole Foods but the fact that it’s good for you, good for the commuity, good for the environment.   Even though Whole Foods is not exclusive to Bethesda, we felt it should be included in as THE place to shop for groceries…and of course, CHEESE!

~Amy (with cheesy grin)  😀

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