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Day 7: Need something to do this weekend? Check out BUP!

Amy Anderson at the BUP kiosk

I have to admit, Bethesda is pretty cool.  They seem to have thought of everything here.  As a newer resident (I moved here in 2008), I was struck immediately by the fact that community members are very involved here in many ways – both as participants and as caretakers.

The pulse of the city feels a bit like Norman Rockwell meets avant-garde.  It’s quaint and hip all at the same time.  I like that.  There is a certain pride that is evident but not off-putting. “Outsiders” are welcomed and quickly integrated.  Being so close to D.C. there are many who move here from other states and nations, but you hear that once you arrive, most people tend to stay put.  Perhaps that’s because you are made to feel so at home and accepted in this diverse and thriving city.

The BUP logo

As a newer resident, I have found that there are many helpful resources to guide you to whatever your needs may be, but perhaps the most useful – whether a native or a newbie – is the Bethesda Urban Partnership (known as BUP).  Established in 1994, this organization is dedicated to making this city something special and to helping everyone know what it has to offer.  Their web site is truly THE resource for information about all things Bethesda.

If you walk about town you will notice people wearing red “Ask Me” shirts.  I always thought, “Ask me what?”  Well, it turns out that the “Ask Me Team” is available Wed-Sat 1:30 – 10 PM and Sun 11:30 – 8 to help anyone navigate the city, field questions, escort you to your car and to offer first aid, if needed.  That gives me a warm fuzzy feeling actually.

Speaking of mobile, BUP also offers free WiFi in the hub of the city near Bethesda Ave and Bethesda Row.  You can see the WiFi map and access service on their website.

The BUP website is chock full of great information – local events, locations & dates for farmers markets, brochures, parking maps, city demographics and more.  And if you’re looking to volunteer to help with community events, you can find opportunities for that on their site too.

Did you know that they even have a mobile web service?  So if you’re out and about and looking to find a good restaurant or local event, just visit the mobile BUP site on your smart phone for advice.  Thanks BUP!   I might just stick around this little ole’ town.    ~Amy

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