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Day 17: Looking for a Whoopee Cushion? Check out Bruce Variety.

Looking for the obscure? It's here!

6922 Arlington Rd, Bethesda

A couple month’s ago, I needed some styrofoam balls and pipe cleaners for a child’s school project.  Where on Earth would I find that in Bethesda?  Why, Bruce Variety of course!  If you’re looking for something obscure and have no idea where to find it, Bruce Variety is a great place to start your search!  Halloween costumes, holiday decorations, school supplies, fabrics, household items, gift bags and wrap, gag gifts, helium balloons, Valentines, odds and ends and even whoopee cushions are just a few of the random items you can find on the jam-packed floor-to-ceiling shelves chock full of “stuff.” 

While you may find customer service to be hit-and-miss, you will surely be amazed at the cornucopia of selections you will find in the store – things you didn’t even know that you “needed!”  Prices can run from cheaper-than-average to above-average.  When looking for something random, Bruce Variety should be your first stop.    ~Amy

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