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Day 18: Where can I find Sillybandz?

Anglo Dutch Pools and Toys

Remember how exciting it was to go to the toy store when you were a kid?  Rows and rows of toys, games, balls, and sporting goods.  I can still feel the adrenaline coursing through my veins!  As a kid my personal favorite was G.I. Joe with the life-like hair.  Anglo Dutch Pools and Toys is located in the Westbard Shopping Center just off River Road.  The family owned business started in 1985 as a pool supply company and began slowly to expand more and more into a toy store.  This original mom and pop operation (now staffed by their kids) is just the kind of community business we like to share with you.  The staff is super friendly and are eager to assist you.

Rows and rows of toys

If you have children you know how stressful going to a child’s birthday party can be.  With a zillion things going on you invariably forget not only the gift but the all important wrapping paper, tape, and scissors right?  Relax.  Anglo Dutch has got you covered.  Swing in to the store, quickly find a great gift from art supplies, board games and science kits, to LEGO, Hot Wheels, and the hottest new fashion accessory Sillybandz (ask a kid). Then they will gift wrap it for you at no extra charge!

They still have plenty of pool supplies as well including, automatic pool cleaners and replacement parts, filters and pool cleaning products like BioGuard.  Need some sporting goods?  How about a Volleyball or Badminton set?  Horseshoes?  No problem.  Soccer balls, basketballs, ping-pong balls, baseballs, footballs, tether balls, ….shrimp….shrimp cocktail…. I think you get the idea on how many balls they got!  The store is open every M-F from 10-7 and Saturday from 10-6 and can be reached at 301-951-0636. ~Brian



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