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Day 21: This one's for the birds….

Wild Bird Center of Bethesda

George Petrides, of Cabin John, MD, loves wild birds.  So back in 1985 he had an epiphany.  “Why don’t I open a store that sells bird seed and supplies to the birdwatching community?”  Birdwatching community?  Who knew?  Today his idea has not only made his first store (which was located on MacArthur Blvd) a success, but his idea has blossomed into a franchise business that encompasses 65 stores from coast to coast, and even Canada.  The Wild Bird Center of Bethesda has everything a nature and bird lover could want.  The stores provide birdseed as well as an extensive selection of feeders, binoculars, bird baths, nest boxes, and nature-oriented gifts and books.

It's all about the quality seed

We visited the nearest Wild Bird Center located in the Sumner Place Shopping Center in Bethesda and talked to the manager Jessica who has been with the company since the very beginning, some 15 years ago.  Jessica told us that what makes the Wild Bird Center unique is the quality of their birdseed.  Proven to attract a wide variety of wild birds, their seed does not contain many of the fillers you typically get in hardware or grocery store brands.  She said this is why you see a lot of debris on the ground underneath a bird feeder because the birds are sifting out the filler product to find the actual seed (I guess the “early bird” also knows his seed too!).  Instead of a mess on the ground, with the Wild Bird Center seed all you see are beautiful birds enjoying a meal.

Two birds of a feather - Amy & Jessica

Ever thought about feeding the birds?  You can get started with a custom feeder and seed for about $50.  The bags of seed can run from $15 to the exotic blends at $50 a bag.  One of the fun things you can watch in the store is a video on their featured feeder called the “Yankee Flipper.”  Squirrels like to eat birdseed and will keep your birds at bay and take over your feeders.  So this little clever feeder is weight activated and when an opportunistic squirrel arrives on the feeder it spins them right off the feeder like a spinning tea-cup at Glen Echo Park!  February is National Bird Feeding month so head on into the Wild Bird Center and enjoy this fun pastime. ~Brian

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