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Day 27: From GE to "Gee that's good food!"

Redwood Restaurant and Wine Bar

I have a love affair with the American Dream.  When I see kids at a lemonade stand I have to stop and buy anything they have for sale.  I love to read stories about people who abandon what they’ve always done to pursue a dream and re-invent themselves.  Today’s blog is about Redwood Restaurant and Bar but it’s also a story about the owner, a Maryland native, Jared Rager.  Jared spent years in the corporate world behind a desk at General Electric but something else was building inside of Jared, a desire to open a chain of restaurants. 

Just six years ago Jared and a partner opened their first restaurant from scratch, calling their first community-based restaurant Sonoma Restaurant and Wine Bar, located on Pennsylvania Ave.  Two years later Sonoma won “Best Restaurant of the Year” by the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington and the dream began to burn bright.  Now along comes Redwood Restaurant and Bar located on Bethesda Lane (the pedestrian walkway that connects Bethesda Avenue and Elm Streets).  The restaurant features a large fully stocked bar at one end and an elegant dining area on the other end of the establishment.  In the late spring and summer the outer wall of the restaurant (really large folding doors) cleverly opens to Bethesda Lane with additional outdoor seating.  The menu features expertly prepared salads, seafood, steaks, burgers, pasta and a nice selection of artisanal cheeses.  The food is really good and Bethesda Magazine readers voted Redwood “Best New Restaurant” in 2009.  All the restaurants in the growing group strive to be more than just culinary trend-setters, but are also committed to integrating sustainable practices into their operations.  They source local organic foods and use renewable energy sources to fuel their operations.

The bar lounge has live music on Tuesday and Wednesdays and Live Jazz on Sunday.  Rising artist now available on iTunes, Taylor Carson, has been spotted at Redwood on Tuesday nights entertaining the Bethesda crowd with his folksy-pop music.   On Valentine’s Day they will be offering a 3-course special meal with champagne toast, chocolate treats and roses!  After the meal you can enjoy music and dancing in the bar until 11:00 p.m.  After 11:00 p.m.?  Well it will be Valentines Day! 🙂 So the next time you see a lemonade stand support your local budding entrepreneur, they just might be preparing you a beautiful meal one day in their own restaurant!        ~Brian

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