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Day 28: What's on Tap?

American Tap Room

What’s on Tap at American Tap Room?  Over 16 beers including one of my favorites – an English beer called Boddingtons!  Smooth and creamy, Boddingtons is a beer experience that even non-beer drinkers seem to like.  American Tap Room is our featured restaurant on this 5th day of Bethesda Restaurant Week.  Why?  Because it has become a lively, hip place to be on a Friday evening in Bethesda.  Their circular bar is often crowed with patrons and standing-room only.  This probably has a great deal to do with the fact that they offer over 50 beers and 50 wines on their menu.

One of the intimate dining areas

The atmosphere is dark and muted with pine wood walls, deep leather chairs at the tables and intimate dining areas.  The menu is really cool – it actually lights up!  Since the lighting is muted, it is helpful and a fun surprise to have illuminated menus.

The food selections are traditional American fare – steaks, seafood, sandwiches, salads and the like.  You can see their full menu on their website.  They even offer a gluten-free menu.  American Tap Room is a fun place to take the kids who get free homemade cotton candy at the end of their meal.  I wish they would give that to adults too!  But the chocolate lava cake is a great alternative.

If you can’t make it to American Tap Room for Bethesda Restaurant Week, consider Valentine’s Day weekend for their $80 per couple special menu.  Reservations are strongly suggested.  Located at 7278 Woodmont Ave., American Tap Room is a new hot spot in Bethesda with a lively atmosphere.         ~Amy

  1. Suzanne

    NO WAY….Boddington’s is one of my very favorite beers too!! Yet another reason why we must get along so well Amy 🙂

  2. Bethesda 365

    Let’s plan a happy hour for Boddington’s…SOON! 🙂

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