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Day 30: The biggest chopsticks in Bethesda

Raku Asian Dining

One of our favorite haunts is Raku Asian Dining located at 7240 Woodmont Avenue, just down the street from Barnes & Noble.  The atmosphere is warm with large rice paper umbrellas and the largest set of chop sticks you will ever see hanging from the ceiling.  We go for the sushi of course and the selection here is superb. 

Did you know the word sushi comes from an old Japanese translation of “it’s sour” derived from the practice of using fermented roots to flavor the dish?  The edamame (young soy beans) and salmon sashimi are some of my personal favorites.  Amy especially enjoys the tuna tartare as well as the miso soup, spicy tuna hand roll, salmon nigiri and the warm green tea.  

Massive Chopsticks!

 The menu at Raku is quite creative featuring many interesting “Raku Originals” including Maryland and Chesapeake Rolls with crab meat, the Volcano with spicy tuna, and the sinus-clearing Wasabi Dynamite Roll with tuna, salmon and yellowtail for the adventurous!  You’ll also find traditional Bento Boxes, noodle soups and Asian salads too.  We both enjoy eating outside here in the summer as we watch people stroll by along Woodmont Avenue.

For this last day of Bethesda Restaurant Week, we encourage you to explore one of our favorites – Raku.  Enjoy!  ~Brian

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