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Day 40: Quartermaine Coffee Roasters

Quartermaine Coffee

If you ever wondered what Starbucks was like in the early days before the mega-brand went global, consider stopping by Quartermaine Coffee Roasters located at 4817 Bethesda Avenue.  Quartermaine’s was started in 1991 by Jerry Baldwin, the co-founder of Starbucks Coffee. A worldwide search for the ideal location to launch the business brought them to the Bethesda area largely because of the high median income and highly educated population.  Today the business is owned by Roger Scheumann (his step-father was Jerry Baldwin and he was a former executive at Starbucks) and Carolyn Weinberg. The company has a thriving roasting facility in Rockville, MD that wholesales and supplies coffee to supermarkets, restaurants, coffee bars and cafe’s along the east coast.  The owners make regular trips around the world to coffee producing countries to personally select the finest arabica coffee beans for roasting.

The Bethesda Avenue store is everything a neighborhood coffee shop should strive to be.  First, it’s relatively small and intimate, with dark pub-like walls and deep wood accents that evoke the spirit of the roasted coffee bean.  Second, the staff is genuinely friendly and their very adept barista are expert at preparing all your favorite specialty coffees including espresso shots, cappuccino, and lattes on their genuine Italian made espresso machine.  This is truly a place to get a great cup of coffee and relax and perhaps enjoy some free wi-fi service with your laptop.  On a recent visit I particularly enjoyed a generous slice of pumpkin coffee cake with my cup of java.  If you visit often the staff is sure to know your name and just how you like your ‘cup of joe.’     ~Brian

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