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Day 47: Give us this day our "Daily Bread"

Le Pain Quotidien

The name of the restaurant is Le Pain Quotidien and it means literally “the daily bread.”  Amy and I say, “let’s eat at the Pain restaurant.”  We call it The Pain Restaurant because in true ignorant American form we resist the proper Dutch pronunciation of the restaurant which phonetically is “luh paN koh-ti-dyaN.”  Click here for a tutorial complete with audio for how to say the name of this restaurant courtesy of the company’s website.  They recognize the problem with the name and even poke fun at themselves when they say “It was so simple in Belgium!”

We really enjoy this restaurant located on Bethesda Lane.  You will feel at home when you step inside this bakery and you would never know this company is a worldwide operation with restaurants in 20 countries around the globe.  Prepare to feel transported to a European bakery far oversees.  You will notice right away the large “communal” tables.  These tables, made from reclaimed wood, could seat an entire Mormon family at Thanksgiving.  If you don’t like to stand next to people in a crowded elevator you may want to sit along the perimiter of the restaurant where the tables only seat two.

It seems nearly every company today is discovering and striving to achieve what I call a “corporate conscience.”  This means that the founders of the company, employees, and stockholders are taking responsibility for the well-being of the customer and the planet in all phases of its operation.  Le Pain Quotidien embodies this philosophy.  They source organic ingredients from their farm suppliers in order to provide great tasting and healthy fresh-baked goods including breads, Baguettes, French rolls, Challah, Broiche, and Croissants.  This philosophy extends to the design of the stores as well with the use of reclaimed wood, recycled materials, energy-efficient lighting, and environmentally friendly packaging and cleaning supplies.  The company cares about the planet and the community they serve.

Did I mention the food tastes great too?  Amy and I often eat breakfast here and we both enjoy the smoked salmon and scallion omelette and the organic oatmeal with fresh berries.  This is a great place to start your day.  Of course I have a serious sweet tooth so I really like the Belgian hot chocolate that’s served with its own miniature vessel filled with chocolate sauce.  Take a stroll down Bethesda Lane and stop in.  The name’s a pain but the experience is all pleasure! ~Brian

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