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Day 53: The Housewives of Bethesda

So here’s the thing – it’s 9 PM and I haven’t posted a damn blog today and I am really not happy about that.  Plus, we missed a whole day this week.  Yes, it’s true.  I’m sorry.  All of you people out there with your “constructive criticism” who said that creating a blog that required a post a day would be “really hard”…well, you were right.  But here’s the thing.  It has already been so very rewarding too because of all the great people we have met through this blog!  And it’s only Day 53! 

So after giving it some thought this evening and without the benefit of a little photo to accompany a story, I asked myself, “what Bethesda ‘thing’ do I feel most inspired to write about right now?”  What came to me?  The PEOPLE – everything from the housewives to all their lawyer husbands (I really need to check the census to see how many lawyers per capita live in this town but it’s a LOT), the entrepreneurs a-plenty, the diplomats, the lobbyists, the judges, the World Bank and IMF economists, the famous and the infamous and, shhhhh…don’t tell anyone but lots of “Agency” folks reside here too.  Bethesda is literally chock full of fascinating people from all walks of life and all corners of the globe. 

As real estate professionals,  Brian and I have the opportunity to meet and get to know many of them.  Most of the time we enjoy the experience tremendously.  But we are always impressed by the diversity of the characters we meet and their interesting and sometimes unbelievable stories – all of whom seem to have very strong personalities.  You have probably heard of 6 degrees of separation but if you have lived in Bethesda all your life, like Brian, your degrees of separation from any other native is probably 3 or less, not 6! 

Bethesda’s close proximity to Washington, D.C. has weaved the political influence into the background of many a family story or neighborhood legend.  We recently sold a home that had dozens of phone lines wired into it.  The legend says that back in the days of paranoia over the Communists and the whole Russian spy thing, the homeowner apparently worked for the CIA and was actively engaged in spying for the Russians.  The windows still had special locks and the home was custom designed for security first and foremost.  What fun!

On another recent sale, I sarcastically joked with a client that she (a small-framed little woman with an engaging smile) must not want to fill out the place of her employment on our Financial Information Sheet because she may have to kill me if she did.  She responded, “Well, I wouldn’t have to kill you but I am Glock trained.”  This statement was sealed with a gleaming smile like an Orbit gum commercial.  I spent the rest of that transaction paranoid that my phone was tapped!

Even the most ordinary home or neighborhood in Bethesda seems to have a rich, fascinating story to tell – just ask the housewives, many of whom are Harvard-educated lawyers or Ph.D. professors themselves who decided to a take a few years off to raise their kids.  The educated, politically minded, entrepreneurial, culturally diverse, food-loving, family oriented everyday folk in our town are quite a trip.  There really should be a show about the Housewives of Bethesda…on the Discovery channel.            ~Amy

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