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Day 56: Vamoose!

The View from Central Park


Looking for something exciting to do this weekend?  Why not pop in on the New York City scene and catch a show or grab dinner and visit an art museum?  The list is endless.  Now why would a blog about Bethesda suggest a visit to New York?  Well because one of the greatest things about Bethesda is its proximity to big cities like Washington, D.C. and New York.  But you might think – I don’t have a flight reservation and I don’t want to drive.  Well, Vamoose Bus is your answer.  Seriously, this blows my mind!  For $30 each way you can take a coach DIRECT from Bethesda METRO to Penn Station in New York. 

Vamoose Bus runs several times a day, in fact there are 3 departures still on the schedule today and 4 with open seats available tomorrow.  The trip is roughly 4 hours wherein you can read, relax, sleep or surf the Net while whisking away to an exciting evening or weekend in the Big Apple.  If you join their rewards program, you get a free trip after your 4th ride.

Vamoose Bus also offers a luxury GOLD bus service for just $50 each way which offers great perks such as 50% more leg room, 25% wider seats – which are reclining leather seats by the way.  Plus you get a power connection at every seat and wireless Internet service, among other things.  Check out their video of the bus: VAMOOSE GOLD!

Now I did not know about this super deal the last time I went to New York and I instead wasted a ton of money flying and dealing with the airport hassles of security, possible delays and taxis to/from each airport – not to mention that I spent 10 times as much money! 

The benefits of living in this ideally located city of Bethesda never cease to amaze me.  I’m off to Ticketmaster now to see what show I can catch!  Vamoose baby!   ~Amy

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