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Day 58: Drop It!

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It was 5:30 PM on a Friday night and I had to have some documents in the hands of a client in another state by Saturday morning – fax was not an option.  Let me see…pull an all-nighter driving or hope for some kind of miracle?  I choose miracle!  Where do you find a miracle these days?  Ahhh!  Google!  Yes, the heavens parted and revealed…Drop & Ship!  Located at 8020 Norfolk Ave in Bethesda, Drop & Ship is an obscure looking little place in the middle of the block that was a God-send for me.   Saved me an all-niter!

I arrived at 6:20 PM Friday (my deadline was 6:30 PM) with my documents in hand.  I was greeted with a smile by an efficient worker who swiftly packaged everything up while also telling me about their other services.  Apparently, not only does Drop & Ship send Fed Ex and DHL with no mark-up but they are also an eBay consignment and shipping center.  Now I am not a big eBay person but as a real estate professional, I regularly work with clients who have things to sell – some of them quite valuable – and some of their stuff is too!  Donations are always a nice option but occasionally one likes to see a little return on Grandma’s Hummel collection or Mom’s old mink coat.

Drop & Ship will accept any items valued at $100 or more and list them on eBay, take all the photos, develop a professional description, ship the items, pay the eBay and PayPal fees and basically split the selling price with you.  It’s a great deal!  You get to avoid all the hassles and still get paid for your “stuff.”  They even offer a pick up service if you need it.  Check out the details on their website.

The best part of my experience with Drop & Ship on Friday was the fact that by the time I got home, I had an e-mail waiting for me with a tracking link and confirmation of shipping.  Nice!  I will definitely be back – to ship, sell or buy some packing supplies.  Hmmm, spring cleaning could = eBay sales baby!                 ~Amy

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