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Day 64: Perfect Spot for the Boomerang

Norwood Park

Today’s temperature climbed into the mid 60’s and the boys and I headed for Norwood Park, one of our favorites in the area.  The park is located just one block south of the intersection of Bradley Boulevard and Wisconsin Avenue at 4700 Norwood Drive. What makes the park special is the large play structure and playground.  My 4 and 7-year-old boys love to run, jump and climb all over the equipment which was recently installed in large measure to the efforts of the Friends of Norwood Park, a citizens group formed to raise funds for the park’s equipment and maintenance.  The park is also adjacent the Kenwood Forest subdivision and has several access points from the community as well.   Norwood Park is also the gathering place for the Sargeant’s Program, a local organization with a quasi-boot camp workout that is dedicated to helping mid-lifers “be all they used to be.”  I met the group here a few mornings awhile back to see if I had the right stuff and well, let’s just say I’m not what I used to be.

Norwood Park Play Equipment

Today we chose Norwood Park because my boys had modified some boomerangs (painted one black for “Batman”, a.k.a. Logan, and the other green for “Robin”, a.k.a., Carter) and needed a wide-open area to throw them without assaulting some poor devil.  Norwood Park was perfect for this adventure because in addition to the playground, tennis courts and tot lots there are several large ball fields.  With the just the right amount of wind we were able to get the boomerangs to do their thing and we managed not to injure anyone, including ourselves!  Did you know that King Tutankhamen, the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh, had a collection of boomerangs?  Who knew these things were popular 3,000 years ago?  With the hint of spring upon us consider heading out to this great park.  There are picnic tables, plenty of parking, and the park is just a few blocks from downtown Bethesda if you are up for a walk. Enjoy and don’t forget to duck if you hear a boomerang headed your way! ~Brian

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