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Day 69: Bread the Way Grandma Used to Make It

I love bread – bread of all kinds – wheat, french, sourdough, gingerbread, garlic bread, cinnamon bread and focaccia.  But no matter the type, the best breads are those that are homemade!  Fluffy, fresh and warm, homemade breads evoke images of Grandma’s house and the comforts of the old days.  But where today can you enjoy that kind of experience without having to bomb your own kitchen with flour while baking a loaf?

Spring Mill Bread Co in Bethesda

Spring Mill Bread Company is your answer.  Not only is their bread fresh and tasty but they take special care to ensure that all their products are made “from scratch” using all natural ingredients.  You won’t find any bleached flour, preservatives, chemicals or high fructose corn syrup here.  Spring Mill Bread Company truly offers the highest quality, freshest ingredients possible.  They obtain their organic wheat from a farm in Montana and then stone mill their own flour which promotes the best possible flavors in the bread.  It’s 100% whole grain bread and nothing less – it tastes great (you really can’t imagine how yummy it is) and it’s good for you too.

Recently, I had decided to go on a “diet” before a trip to Hawaii.  My diet plan was simple – no processed foods or unnatural, artificial stuff shall cross my lips – especially HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP – for one month.  I was so upset to discover the vast array of food items I used to eat that contained high fructose corn syrup and other artificial ingredients, including many foods that I previously thought were healthy!  It was shocking, disappointing and honestly a little scary.  I wish I had known about Spring Mill Bread then.

The other day, Brian and I decided to pop in and sample some goodies.  We tried the Pesto Asiago bread this week and were simply amazed at its flavor and light texture!  Even our picky teenagers enjoyed it.  We also noticed that they had samples of homemade brownies on the counter.  Now seriously, I am a brownie connoisseur and Brian is a self-professed chocoholic so we are never passing up a free brownie sample.  After savoring the sweet, creamy brownie in our mouths, we had to add a couple of big hunks to go with the bread order.  These were absolutely the BEST brownies I have ever experienced.  My mouth is watering right now thinking about them!  Even their selection of sweets is all natural too.  For example, they don’t use margarine or trans fats in their icings, just all natural butter cream.

The Fresh Selections of the Day!

As much as I enjoyed the food, I have enjoyed getting to know the story about the owners of the company – a local married couple with a passion for bread who decided to quit their highbrow careers and take a risk together.  Katherine, who had a childhood passion for baking, and Steve, her husband and self-named “Dough Boy,” started the company in 1993 much to the surprise of their family and friends.  They decided to dedicate themselves to building their dream of owning a bakery using only the finest and freshest ingredients – like Grandma used to make.

You can learn a great deal about Spring Mill Bread Co. on their website.  They offer catering services that include sandwich ingredients that are just as natural and preservative-free as their breads and sweets.  You can find their daily bread schedule on their website too so that you can plan your next visit to coincide with the availability of your favorite flavors on the shelves that day.

I am very happy to have discovered Spring Mill Bread Company right here in Bethesda located at 4961 Elm Street.  I dare you to visit Spring Mill Bread Company just once.  I bet you can’t do it!  You will want to come back again and again and again.  I’ll see you there.  I will be the one buying the big melt-in-your-mouth brownies along with my bread!    ~Amy

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