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Day 70: This Friday Night in Bethesda

Apple iPad2 Craze in Bethesda

It has been a long, hard week so Friday night started early for us this evening – around 4 PM.  With our stomachs growling we headed out for some sushi.  Word to wise, in Bethesda, every sushi shop seems to be closed between roughly 3 PM – 5 PM.  So don’t bother.  I guess they’re out catching fish!  We were too hungry to wait so we went on to Plan B.  We parked in the parking lot opposite Barnes & Noble on Bethesda Ave and of course used Pay-By-Cell to pay for our space – no quarters needed! 

After crossing the road on this cool, crisp evening we decided to share a long, relaxed early dinner at Mon Ami Gabi – one of our favorites in Bethesda.  It is tough to find a table on a Friday evening at Mon Ami Gabi but if you show up around 4:15 PM it’s no problem!  We sat down and checked out the appetizer menu and selected a bowl of their Onion Soup and a plate of Warm Brie Cheese.  We also selected a fabulous bottle of Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire Valley in France which has some nice nuances of lime, grapefruit, green apple and kiwi (so says the website for the winery).  To us, it just tasted darn good!

The onion soup was delivered in a big crock with a layer of Gruyère Cheese so thick that Brian had to use a knife to eat it.  I enjoyed the roasted garlic cloves smeared on french toasted bread with the warm Brie cheese – it was heaven on Earth.  At some point we got around to ordering entrees (in between some good belly laughs with our server Alex!).  Although Brian’s meal was quite nice, the Friday night special Dover Sole blew us away!  In fact, Alex said that people actually call ahead to reserve their Dover Sole on Fridays because it’s so popular that it often sells out!  Wow, don’t I feel lucky to snag one early.  It was amazing – delicate, tasty and flaky and paired perfectly with our Sauvignon Blanc called “Attitude” mentioned earlier.

After emptying the bottle and clearing our plates, we decided we couldn’t help but re-visit the Spring Mill Bread Company for another yummy brownie experience.  We stopped by Dunkin’ Donuts for a Milk Chug – the perfect brownie pairing!  By the way, when Brian got the milk he learned that Dunkin’ Donuts is offering FREE iced coffees on March 21st (with a coupon) – just FYI.

But what really knocked our socks off this evening was what we observed after we emerged from Bethesda Lane – a line of people waiting to enter the Apple Store that would put Georgetown Cupcakes to shame… stretching all the way down the street past Parkers!  What the heck?!  We then realized that today is the release of the iPAD2 and there are a LOT of Bethesda folk that just can’t wait to get their hands on it. 

So now we have popped up to our RE/MAX office at 4825 Bethesda Ave. Suite 200 to share this blog with you, our faithful readers, before we head to Bethesda Row Cinema for a great flick and delicious Peet’s Coffee that they serve at their snack bar.  I highly recommend the raspberry latte!  If we are able to keep going after this, we may head over to Union Jacks for a game of billiards and a beer!  Happy Friday Bethesda.   ~Amy & Brian

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