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Day 82: Dunkin' the 800 Hundred Pound Gorilla

Dunkin Donuts

Have you ever noticed that there are no doughnuts in the Dunkin’ Donuts logo?  That’s because Dunkin’ Donuts is a ruse.  It’s really a vast coffee empire in sheep’s clothing!  Disguised as a mild-mannered lil’ donut shop, Dunkin’ Donuts is really an eight hundred pound “Coffee Gorilla.”  The donut is really just a coffee conduit, the bait that sets your morning trap.  Here are some surprising things you may not know about the ubiquitous Dunkin’ Donuts and the coffee they sell:

  • They sell more coffee than donuts in terms of sales volume
  • Dunkin’ Donuts serves 1 billion cups of coffee per year (that’s a billion with a “B”)
  • Dunkin’ Donuts is America’s largest retailer of coffee by the cup (sorry Starbucks!)
  • They use the same blend of coffee they’ve always used since 1950
  • They use 100% Arabica coffee beans (the finest made)
  • Dunkin’ has a “Tree to Cup” coffee processing and production system to ensure quality from the coffee tree to your cup
  • Coffee is the world’s second most valuable commodity behind oil
  • Surpassed only by daily water consumption, coffee is the number two beverage consumed in the United States –having surpassed soft drinks, tea and milk

Bethesda’s Dunkin’ Donuts is located at 4810 Bethesda Avenue (for those of you in the military there is another secret shop located inside Navy Medical — for medicinal purposes of course! )   The company has 52 varieties of donuts.  For what nefarious purpose?  To foster the consumption of coffee is the only logical answer!  To their credit Dunkin’ Donuts uses only Fair Trade Certified espresso beans in their coffee.  What this means is that Dunkin’ Donuts is treating the coffee producers in developing countries (who lack access to world markets and business clout) fairly and ethically and it happens to be clever marketing too!

Seriously,  Dunkin’ Donuts is as much a fixture on Bethesda Avenue as Bethesda Bagels.  Sure it’s a chain but my kids love the doughnuts, the more colorful and sprinkled the better of course, and so do I.  The staff is super friendly, the store is clean, and the coffee is really good.    ~ Brian

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