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Day 83: Easy Parking for a Quick Flick…even on a Friday

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In sharing all the things we enjoy doing in Bethesda, we would be remiss if we did not mention catching a flick at Regal Bethesda 10 Cinemas located at 7272 Wisconsin Ave.  We do not go there to enjoy amazing sound equipment or super plush seating or even great snacks – it’s pretty average stuff at best really.  But we do go there all the time, again and again and again. Why?

Well, here are a few reasons and some of our favorite things about Regal in Bethesda as well as some tips for your next visit:

1.  This place is in a super-convenient location.  It’s just a couple easy blocks from the METRO red line.   If you drive into town, there is always plenty of parking in the underground garage with its elevator that takes you almost right to the front door.  The parking entrance is on Wisconsin Ave just beyond Food, Wine and Co.  (By the way, that’s a great restaurant for a pre- or post-movie meal or drink.)  The garage closes at 12 midnight.

Validate Your Parking Ticket

2.  Not only is parking readily available, covered and close to the theater, but it’s cheap too.  If you validate your ticket inside, it will only cost you $2 for the time it takes to watch a movie.  Compare that to $5 for the lot down the street or fighting for a metered spot on a Friday night (forget it!) and it’s truly a steal.  Tip of the day: don’t forget to take your ticket inside and look for the obscure, rather beat-up looking validation machine to the right of the entrance on the counter near concessions. If I only had a dollar for every time Brian had to run back to the garage for the ticket, I could buy bag of popcorn or SIX!

3.  The staff here are very nice, helpful people.  We especially enjoy the opportunity to visit with “Ms. Cynthia”, as the staff call her, at the ticket booth who always makes sure we get credit on our Regal Crown Club card for each show.  She is ready with any helpful information we need and always has a smile.  Once inside, Arthur is often there to take your ticket and direct you to your theater door.  I think he is one of the most polite ushers I have ever encountered and he has such a kind face.  Cynthia and Arthur have a way of making you feel like a special guest every time you visit.

We went this evening to see The Adjustment Bureau (a good movie by the way but then again I am a sucker for anything Matt Damon) and, of course, Cynthia and Arthur were both there – ready to greet us.  We ended up in one of the smaller theaters tonight and not everything went perfectly.  The sound had some trouble at first and the movie reel had some lines on the right side of the screen that were distracting for part of the time, but we got over it and enjoyed it anyway.  I was reminded of how much we like the theater’s location when we emerged from the front doors and hit the cold air outside.  It didn’t last long as we swiftly popped into the elevator to the underground garage and got home in 10 minutes.  You can’t beat that.

So bring your Regal Crown Club card, validate your parking ticket and say hi to Cynthia and Arthur as you take in your next show at Regal Bethesda 10.   Checkout the latest movie showtimes at Fandango.   ~Amy

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    NOTE: They will not validate your parking unless you arrive in the lot AFTER 4 PM. Also, this movie theater is a total dump!

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