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Day 86: Warm up by the Cosi Campfire

Così (checkout the dude in the window waving)

I’m a self-confessed chocoholic so imagine my delight when I spotted S’mores on the menu at Così located at 7251 Woodmont Avenue.  Do you remember S’mores?  You know the chocolate and roasted marshmallow concoction you made as a kid by a campfire.  Chocolate infused with a melted marshmallow between two graham crackers.  Remember in your drooling state you would burn the living sh*t out of your tongue on the hot marshmallow?  Or better yet you would leave the marshmallow in the fire too long and the damn thing would catch on fire and you’d get that black crust you’d have to somehow remove?  Così’s slogan, “Life should be delicious” could not more aptly describe the S’mores experience here.

S'more Campfire

Here’s what you get when you place your order.  Your S’more ingredients arrive on a heavy, custom-made wood serving platter with hollowed out sections for your private stash of marshmallows, two Hershey’s chocolate bars, wood skewers, and private Hibachi sterno stove.  With your micro campfire ablaze you skewer your marshmallow and roast to perfection.  Then combine with chocolate (I wish they gave you four bars vs. two) and graham crackers and enjoy.  Where else can you do that in downtown Bethesda?  For those of you who want to bring the Così S’more campfire experience home you can order the S’more Kit for $34.99 online at Shop Così.com (sterno fuel sold separately :)). ~Brian

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