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Day 87: A Cornucopia of Delights

Our Lunch Today

Cornucopia Specialty Food Market is located at 8102 Norfolk Avenue.  I first discovered this little Italian jewel-box when I was helping build and develop two new bungalow style homes on Glenbrook Road a few years back.  I walked down the block one day and discovered a little slice of Italy right in our own backyard.  I took Amy here for the first time today and we enjoyed a delicious lunch of Italian Carnavale featuring mixed Italian cured meats piled high on a crunchy fresh baked french baguette with some leafy lettuce, oil and vinegar.  The friendly staff sliced and quartered the single sandwich, which was plenty big for the two of us for lunch.  We also met the friendly owner, Ibrahim “Ibo” Selmy, ( who is half Italian) and he encouraged us to sample the roast beef and explore his market.  Gotta love that accent!

Amazing Desserts

The Cornucopia (A horn shaped basket overflowing with food) is a symbol of food and abundance dating back to Roman times and is a fitting name for this Italian restaurant/cafe/store.  You could plan your whole day around this place.  First come in the morning for some true Italian Espresso (featuring Italian Torani flavored syrups).  Later dine on the extensive lunch menu.  The most popular choice on the lunch menu, according to the staff, is the Prosciutto Di Parma with provolone cheese and seasoned with virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  For dinner gather up some of the authentic hard-to-find imported Italian pasta, home-made sauces, fresh peppers and roasted vegetables.  You may also want to try their gourmet lobster Ravioli.  Lastly, for dessert (they close at 8:00 p.m. most days) pickup some of the wonderful baked sweets including miniature Italian sandwich cookies, Sicilian pastries, and artisanal chocolates.  Enjoy!  Buon Appetito! (Have a good meal!). ~Brian

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