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Day 89: U.S. Post Office Open 7 days a week!

News Express

I used to a have an office at 3 Bethesda Metro Center years ago and in the basement lobby there was a very small convenience store run by one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet –Rudy Masita.  Now Rudy is the manager for News Express located at 7700 Old Georgetown Road across from the Shell Gas station and the Chevy Chase Building (this is the big red brick building that formerly had the corporate offices for Chevy Chase Bank, B.F. Saul Mortgage and now Capital One).  News Express is a cool little convenience shop with all the typical fare including magazines, lottery tickets, and candy but there’s more.  Also, it’s a Western Union service center so if you need to send some money to a wayward college student or that colleague who’s been emailing you about their troubles while traveling abroad (ever get that one?) look no further.

U.S. Post Office at News Expres

Lastly and most conveniently, News Express is also a full fledged U.S. Post Office.  That’s right.  No waiting in line on Arlington Road or over at the Post Office on Wisconsin.  Now you can quickly pop-in here to send your packages, drop off a letter, or get some stamps.  We were in hurry recently before we headed out of town and needed some stamps and the post office was closed.  Then we remembered News Express where the post office is open 7 days a week and until 9:00 p.m. on Weekdays and 7:00 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.  With all the talk in the news about the Post Office laying off staff and shortening their hours and days of service this place comes in real handy.  If you have a question call Rudy at (301) 951-5280 and tell ’em Brian and Amy sent ya! ~Brian

  1. Sonia

    Brian and Amy,

    This place is not longer there, they are renovating almost the whole building that they were located.

  2. Bethesda 365

    Sonia, thanks for your note. We will check that out and see if they will be re-opening or whethr they are gone or relocated for good. Thanks for the heads up! We appreciate you visiting! ~Amy

  3. David Birdlanser

    Brian & Amy,
    Any update on News Express? Hard to believe it’s been a year since they closed!

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