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Day 90: Drink and Draw in Bethesda

Art Works Classes 7740 Old Georgetown Rd

Most of the residents of Bethesda are focused by day on the serious endeavors of business or government.  They work as lawyers, lobbyists, consultants, business owners or in other professional careers.  But I wonder how many of these serious-minded folks hide a secret artist inside of them.

Personally, while I absolutely love the arts, my artistic impulses amount to nothing more than just that – impulses!  I would love to try my hand at oil painting, but when I try to draw people they look like pretzels – all sticks!  I have often thought of taking art classes just for fun but where can you do that and feel comfortable just exploring and learning for fun?  We don’t get to go to summer camp as adults, darn it!  But recently, Brian and I stumbled across Art Works Classes in Bethesda located in the historic building located at 7740 Old Georgetown Rd.

Art Works Classes was founded in 2003  by Erin Johnson, a native of Bethesda who graduated from Brown University and developed an impressive resume ever since.  She even spent time studying in Florence, Italy.  Erin realized the need for art education in our area and is an active participant in art education for all ages through Art Works Classes.  The organization offers Spring Break and Summer Camps as well as monthly art classes for all ages from toddler to adult.  They even offer a birthday party package at their studio where kids can come for a festive celebration while they create their own masterpieces!

Historic Bldg Designation

But what I found most appealing on my recent visit to the studio, was their Tipsy Artist classes.  Offered every Tuesday from 7:15 – 9:15 PM, the Tipsy Artist classes offer basic fine art instruction for people like me – people who draw stick people!  Now you have a chance to live out your dream of learning the art of drawing or painting while enjoying wine, beer or a beverage of your choice.  It’s BYOB but all art materials and professional instruction is provided.  The class is $40 for 2 hours of drinking and drawing!  You will leave with a surprising piece of artwork – your own!

They released a Groupon recently advertising the Tipsy Artist program and had over 700 people sign up!  Apparently I’m not the only one interested in drinking and drawing (and painting).  You too can live out the secret artist inside of you by attending Art Works Classes in Bethesda.  An excellent option for a special Ladies Night Out!    ~Amy

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