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Day 95: Top of Bethesda

Atrium 3 Bethesda Metro

Ever been to the “Top of the Rock” in New York City?(Rockefeller Center)  How about the “Top of the Cock” in Chicago? (The John Hancock Building – I’m not kidding.  They say it with a straight face in the “windy city.”)   But have you been to the “Top of Bethesda?”  When Bethesda’s urbanization really began to take place a new complex, Bethesda Metro Center, was developed atop the Bethesda Metro station at the intersections of Wisconsin Avenue, East-West Highway, and Old Georgetown Roads.  3 Bethesda Metro Center is one of three buildings located at this site.  The building is a 17 story, 368,000 sq. ft., office building with a distinctive pyramid shape.  Growing up in the area it was also referred to as the “Wang” building (I’m not making this up) because the word processing giant Wang Laboratories used to be the largest tenant in the building and the outside was adorned with the company’s moniker.

Boys on the glass elevator

My Brian Maury Real Estate office was formerly located on the 7th floor.  The first time I entered this building I was surprised to find a massive basement to roof-top interior atrium with glass elevators streaming up and down the central column.

View from the "Top of Bethesda"

I also discovered that at the top, on the 16th floor, the elevator leaves the confines of the atrium and arrives on the roof level with an amazing view from Bethesda all the way to Northern Virginia.  The view is fleeting because the elevator pauses just for 20-30 seconds before being called away to assist other passengers.  I’ve taken all my children to the building over the years to enjoy the cavernous interior, the double helix-like artwork that fills the open space and take an exciting ride to the ‘Top of Bethesda’!  While in route I work the kids into a near feverish pitch of excitement as they anticipate the sometimes scary, but thrilling glass enclosed rocket-like ride “through the roof of the building.”  Afterwards, we head out for some ice-cream nearby.  So grab your honey, load up the kids, and take them all out for some free fun at 3 Bethesda Metro Center. ~Brian

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