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Day 98: Visit Zeus and make a penny offering.

Hampden Ln. & Montgomery Ln. Courtyard

Anyone with young boys knows they are active little critters so keeping them busy can be a challenge.  With the internet, TV, computer games and hand-held devices it’s hard sometimes to just get young children outside to play so they can burn off that energy.  Recently I took my sons to a courtyard in downtown Bethesda they find fun and interesting at the intersections of Hampden Lane, Montgomery Avenue, and East Lane.

Artwork frieze and reflecting pool

The boys enjoy looking at the multicolored artwork frieze with its accompanying small reflecting pond.  I let them throw a few pennies in and make a wish. They also enjoy climbing and touching the large sculpture of what looks a lot like the face of the mythical god Zeus.  They like to touch his eyes and massive nose.

The face of Zeus

They also like to run and chase each other around an island with a beautiful flowering tree at the center and play hide-and-seek among the rows of columns that remind me of a boulevard somewhere in ancient Rome.  There is not a blade of grass here but the swirling ribbons of red brick interspersed among the concrete squares inspires the boys to make up games of their own, following roads and destinations in their imaginations.  During the weekday lunch hour I often see people here just quietly enjoying their brown bag lunches, or food from the nearby cafe, and soaking up some sunshine.

The never ending chase!

So step away from the Nintendo, back away from the Leapster, and turn off the Playstation and get your little ones out to this little spot in our city backyard.  Their attention may be diverted for just a short while but the fresh-air and out-of-doors will do you all some good.  ~ Brian

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