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Day 103: Le Vieux Logis, French Country Charm in Bethesda

Le Vieux Logis

Le Vieux Logis located at 7925 Old Georgetown Rd is a charming little slice of southwestern France right here in Bethesda.  The restaurant is named after a famous inn called “The Old Lodge” in the Dordogne region, popular among travelers for its comfortable and welcoming environment.  Not only does Le Vieux Logis in Bethesda give you the feeling of the French countryside once you step inside it’s doors, but the hospitality is unsurpassed.

Recently, Brian and I decided to share a meal at Le Vieux Logis.  I had never been inside but had often noticed the brightly colored, muraled walls when driving by on Old Georgetown Rd.  From the exterior, the restaurant is unassuming and quaint.  It has been there for 31 years now and “regulars” have frequented it since it opened, as well as newcomers, like me.  Brian’s Dad is a regular visitor at Le Vieux Logis and now I can understand why.  Here is what we experienced….

Making friends with the french maid

The minute we walked in the door, we were greeted with a smile and offered to have our coats checked.  We had called ahead and made a reservation for 5:30 PM – an early dinner which turned out to be a good idea because by the time we left, the place was packed!  We were shown to a cozy table in the corner towards the back of the restaurant where we were comfortably seated among the decorative pillows that were laying about the bench seats on the outside wall.  The tables and walls were adorned with floral patterns, baskets and a big copper pot hanging from the ceiling.  The atmosphere was warm and inviting and reminded me of a French bed and breakfast.  I told Brian that I felt transported to another place – you would never know that busy Old Georgetown Rd was just outside.

The staff was all very friendly and worked together to provide a beautifully executed dining experience for us.  It was especially nice to meet Diana, the owner of Le Vieux Logis, who took special care to ensure that our meal was pleasant and exceeded our expectations.  We shared some terrific wine and then began our multi-course dinner!

We started with the Baked Oysters Logis in champagne sauce & caviar.  It was really scrumptious.  I really enjoyed the caviar!  Diana, the owner, then graciously offered us the opportunity to try their Avocado Spring Rolls and boy were we surprised.  This was not something I would have been inclined to order but I was glad she suggested them.  My mouth is watering just thinking about them and the zesty dipping sauce that accompanies them.  I will be ordering that again.

Our Cozy Dining Area

We then shared a Passionate Pear Salad with spinach leaves, Belgian endives, sweet Bosc pears topped with blue cheese, almonds and applewood-smoked bacon.  Come on – what’s not to love about that!  It was a flavor sensation.  It’s funny, as I finished each course, I felt sad that it was over, but then some other wonderful thing emerged from the kitchen and was presented to us.

For our main entrees, I was thrilled to learn that they had Dover Sole, a personal favorite.  It was brought to the table on a rolling cart where it was de-boned in front of me and gently placed upon my very warm dinner plate nestled amongst a host of accompaniments such as perfectly mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables, all beautifully prepared.  The Dover sole was delicate, flaky and melted in my mouth.

Our desserts!

Brian ordered a Filet Mignon special that was offered that evening which included three petite sized filets each with a different type of sauce.  He enjoyed each one thoroughly and joined the “clean plate club” (as my mom used to call it) at the end of the meal!  Last but by no means least, we then treated ourselves to a delicate dessert and after-dinner drink.  A perfect finish to a lovely evening.

Diana and her staff at Le Vieux Logis truly care about the dining experience of each of their patrons.  As we enjoyed our meal, I couldn’t help but notice how many people she greeted by name and asked about their families.  Clearly, they are regular visitors who love the restaurant and Diana too.  A place doesn’t stay in business in a town like Bethesda, where restaurants abound, unless it offers something special.  Le Vieux Logis is unlike any restaurant in town.  Its charms include genuine hospitality, an intimate, warm environment and absolutely wonderful food with a personal touch that is unmatched.  Try it for yourself.  Let us know if there is something special you enjoyed on the menu!  Bon Appétit!    ~Amy


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  2. david zeiger

    Wow, was I ever thrilled to read your review, Amy and Brian, of my little sister’s restaurant. Of course I am biased, but I really give Diana a lot of credit for preserving, conserving and maintaining a tradition of fine dining at LE VIEUX LOGIS.

    What I admire is the way she has adapted to new ideas, lightening the menu, and (here I’ll take credit!) adding some seafood specialties that are my favorites

    I hope to meet both of you soon

  3. Bethesda 365

    Thank you for your comments David! We hope to meet you too and we had a great time at Le Vieux Logis!


    Of course, as Diana’s brother, I completely agree with this wonderful review of my sister’s restaurant. WHAT REALLY IMPRESSES ME ABOUT THE RESTAURANT is that while Diana holds fast to traditional French culinary techniques, is that she has stepped firmly into the 21st century with the emphasis on FRESH SEAFOOD, heart-healthy and nutritious greens, and 101 ways to make vegetables SING!

    Yes, I am biased (I love my little sister). But it’s a fact: THE FOOD AT DIANA’S RESTAURANT IS JUST SIMPLY DELICIOUS!

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