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Day 106: Tout De Sweet Pastry Shop

Tout De Sweet

This weekend I stopped by a brand new business in Bethesda called Tout de Sweet Pastry Shop located at 7831 Woodmont Avenue.   The owners, Jerome and Sophia Colin, who live in Chevy Chase, were on hand to greet me.  Jerome is a soft-spoken Frenchman having trained at a top culinary school in France before working an “A-list” of fine hotels and restaurants here in the states over the past 17 years.  The shop is small and intimate with three large clever Macaroon towers in the front window.  As the weather improves the owners are hoping to provide some outdoor seating and have their guests enjoy a French sidewalk café experience.

Macaron Towers

Sophia explained their menu which includes their signature Cassis Macaroons and pastries including seasonal fruit tarts, cupcakes, eclairs and cream puffs.  They also have an assortment of mini mousse cakes and of course some Chef Jerome’s daily creations.  I tried a chocolate macaroon and it was heavenly.  The blog One Vanilla Bean described them this way “They [the macaroons] were large and delicious, not to sweet & not too chewy, just ethereal clouds with silky soft fillings. And $1.50 is not a bad price to pay for delicious macaroons that are twice as big as the ones you can find in the DC area.”  “Ethereal clouds” of chocolate, now that’s right up my alley.

Jerome Colin

In the morning they serve fresh coffee, Espresso, Lattes, and hot tea with a selection of croissants (chocolate of course!) and muffins.  Having a special occasion?  Think about ordering one of their gourmet cakes.  The Fraisier sounds delicious made with fresh strawberries and pastry cream on vanilla sponge cake.

I asked Jerome what his inspiration was for starting the business and he said he felt “the time was right, given his many experiences, to do something on my own.”  Amy and I continue to be struck by the entrepreneurial nature of the people in our area.  While Jerome referred to his “experience” in starting the business what I saw in his eyes, and had the pleasure to taste for myself, was he and his wife’s passion for baking.  No longer could he just be a pastry chef for his past employers like the Willard Hotel or the five-star Four Seasons Hotel.  He needed to express his creativity and culinary talents on his own.  Come support one of our neighbors in their new adventure at Tout De Sweet Pastry Shop. ~ Brian

  1. Casie

    I have been there roughly 6 times already and Im so in love with it. Im so excited that this little gem has come along. It’s my new stop on my way to work for some coffee and a pastry treat. DELICIOUS!!!!! Plus, its local, privately owned, unique and fresh– we couldnt ask for more than that!

  2. Bethesda 365


    Thanks for your comment. We agree. This is why we blog about Bethesda. The little jewel box of a pastry shop.

    Thanks again for your comment. We hope you are enjoying


  3. james johnson

    What’s the big deal???there are better macaroons found elsewhere…try Cacao, Praline, or Patisserie Poupon….I am not going to say they are “bad” just not what they are supposed to be like…..delicate, chewy (not spongy) on the inside, crispy (not crunchy on the outside) a sufficient amount of french buttercream (or jam) and that’s it. IMHO Cacao ranks number 1, then Poupon, and Praline number three not because the macs are not good, because they are overly aerated and too “puffy” for the benchmark “Gold” standard go here:

    now this guy knows what he is doing.

  4. Bethesda 365

    Hi James, Thanks very much for visiting We appreciate your comment and the insights you offer about macaroons. Sounds like you are quite the macaroon connoisseur. Anyone who appreciates a sweet treat like that is a friend of ours! Honestly, neither Brian nor I have tried the macs at Cacao or Praline yet (although we have appreciated other fine delicacies offered at both establishments and have recently blogged about each one)! We take your word for it though. We also encourage the reading public who may be reviewing these comments to try them all and see for themselves which one they fancy. You can’t help but enjoy the experiment and then the shops all get a fair shot at earning the business of the macaroon-appreciating audience. Thanks again James for your comment and insights. Best Regards, Brian and Amy

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