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Day 110: Just Cakes….not really!

Just Cakes Creation

You’ve seen the line outside Georgetown Cupcakes.  Perhaps you’ve even seen the reality show called D.C. Cupcakes.  But do you know who won Best Cupcakes in Bethesda by the readers of Bethesda Magazine?  Just Cakes that’s who.  Just Cakes is located at 4849 Rugby Avenue.  We’ve profiled quite a few restaurants and bakeries in this blog and one thing the great ones all have in common is a founder who loves to bake.  Just Cakes is no different.  The owner, Marge Shinnerer, said her inspiration for the business comes from her grandparents who were chefs and restaurant managers.  She started the business in 2003 and has many awards to show for her efforts and great tasting baked goods.

I stopped by her store recently to sample her goods and find out why Bethesda Magazine readers liked her cupcakes so much.  The cupcake I had the pleasure of enjoying was creamy (almost like butter) while the cupcake itself was very moist.  I also had to try a chocolate chip cookie which was the perfect combination of soft and chewy but slightly crispy on the outside.  After the chocolate rush I noticed a few things about her store.  She has a beautiful display of goods presented in shiny glass cases.  There’s a nice small seating area to enjoy her creations and there are large windows to watch her bakery “elves” work their magic.

Dessert Cafe

Just Cakes is about cakes for sure.  For the bride and groom “wedding cake tastings” are available where you can sample the goods and consult with your cake designer and craft the perfect cake to compliment the big day.  Some interesting icing flavors include Cream Cheese and Mocha.  Is someone special you know celebrating a birthday.  Consider a “Celebration Cake” made from scratch for the big occasion.  Again lots of choices from the cake to the filling to the icing are available.  One of the cakes in their on-line picture catalog that caught my attention was the “Suitcase Cake.”  They make molten lava cakes, chocolate ganache cake, flourless chocolate cake.  If you can dream it up they can make it.  You can even have a Just Cakes party for your child’s birthday.  Imagine a group of friends decorating their own cake and of course enjoying some too!

Just Cakes is also more than just cakes.  They also bake Pies (Apple, Pumpkin, Boston and Banana Cream to name a few), lemon squares, brownies, and raspberry almond bars, tarts, breads (Zucchini, Pumpkin, and Banana & more), and even their version of the English classic Sticky Toffee Pudding.

Just Cakes offers a wide array of classes for children and adults –sometimes both. Tomorrow they have a class titled “Mommy and Me Decorating Class.”  The class is from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. and is for ages 3-5. The class will teach the mother and child the importance of following a recipe, cleaning as you go, and how to crumb, final and decorate a double layer cake.  The cost is $60.  What fun!  Stop by the shop and enjoy. ~Brian

  1. Alan Gross

    My daughter has been a big fan of Georgetown Cupcakes for a long time. I’m not sure if she knows about Just Cakes. I’ll forward your post.

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