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Day 112: A Place of Healing

Our Town, A Place of Healing

The name “Bethesda” is of Hebrew origin and is in fact apparently a girl’s name meaning “house of mercy.”   In the Gospel of John, there is reference to a pool of healing waters named Bethesda in Jerusalem where the sick and the lame would come for healing.  The ancient tradition maintained that the water in this spring was “stirred” by an angel of the Lord and possessed miraculous healing powers.

Our town continues to reflect this tradition of healing.  It is home to the National Institutes of Health main campus and the National Naval Medical Center.  Even the President of the United States comes to Bethesda for his routine and non-routine medical care.

As the holiday of Easter will soon be upon us, it seemed appropriate to mention that this little town of ours represents healing and mercy and is named after just such a place in Jerusalem.  Hmm, perhaps its residents should get free medical care?!  Just an idea!   ~Amy

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