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Day 120: Bethesda Fun at Funland

Landon Funland

Today the boys and I headed to the annual Azalea Festival.  For $20 we got 25 tickets for the Landon Funland.  The tickets did not last too long and so we were back in line for more tickets pretty quickly (each ride was 2-3 tickets).  The fun began at 10:00 a.m. and we were the first to go on many of the attractions provided by Big Country Amusements.

Our first stop was the Vertical Rush.

Vertical Rush

The kids raced each other and scrambled through an obstacle course, up a stud filled climbing wall to the top, then raced down the side slides.

Our second stop was The Gladiator.  The kids donned padded helmets and did what every sibling everywhere wishes they could do –get permission to use a battering ram to clobber their brother or sister.  My boys climbed on the two padded islands and went at it.  Surprisingly the kids needed very little instruction on this particular “amusement” attraction.

The Gladiator

Next stop was another aggressive “game” called the Wrecking Ball where the object was to hurl a large padded ball at your opponent in order to knock them off their padded pedestal.  It was as if the operators knew what really fired my boys’ imaginations.  This particular event made me laugh out loud as both boys were clobbered by the ball and went flying into the padded arena below.

The Wrecking Ball

There were about a dozen inflatable games altogether and trust me we tried them all (some more than once!).  There was also a miniature Ferris Wheel and a contraption called The Spinnner that was designed to make small children dizzy and lose their breakfast.

The Climbing Wall

There was also a really cool 30+ foot climbing wall.  I was surprised how daring my boys were.  They slipped into the climbing safety harness and reached the summit faster than I could get the camera in focus.

All in all they really had a great time.  The whole time we were going from game to game the smell of the bar-b-que cooking up hamburgers, hot dogs and other creations was wafting through the air.  Nothing like a tasty hot dog after climbing, jumping, sliding and beating one another as only siblings can! ~ Brian

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