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Day 121: Starbucks Cherry Treat

Starbucks Logo

Starbucks.  The name is ubiquitous with coffee.  The company is celebrating its 40th year in the business.  There’s a certain comfort in a brand as well-known as Starbucks because you know what to expect.  I like other coffee better (at home I grind local roaster Mayorga Coffee) but I still like to go to Starbucks now and then. Now I could go on and on about Starbucks the coffee company but today I want to tell you about one item I tried and continue to go back and enjoy over and over again.  The surprising thing is it’s not even coffee.

Starbucks, like many companies, has climbed on the healthy food bandwagon, and has some nice offerings for busy people on the go.  My experience with their prepared snack items has been really good.  Here’s one I tried this year that really is special.  They offer a Dark Cherry Yogurt Parfait.  Served in a clear plastic cup (about 8 ounces) with a special smaller container cup on top, this creation has cherry yogurt with dark cherries in the bottom larger cup and crunchy (but not hurt the roof of your mouth crunchy) granola topping in the smaller top cup.  The yogurt is delicious, smooth and creamy.  The cherries are incredibly fresh.  You mix the almond-coconut granola into the bottom cup and give it a swirl to disperse the granola throughout and spread the cherries as well.  The great thing about this snack is it’s very healthy with just 5 grams of total fat (0 grams trans fat).  There are 320 calories to this little jewel of a snack but it packs 11 grams of protein and 25% of your daily calcium needs.  Basically you can have this snack guilt free and it tastes great and is pretty filling.

Photo Courtesy of Starbucks

Starbucks has six locations in the Bethesda area to serve you, these include:

  • 7140 Wisconsin Avenue (At corner of Bethesda Avenue and Wisconsin)
  • 4520 East-West Highway (Across the street from the Round House Theater)
  • 7700 Norfolk Avenue (At the corner of Norfolk Avenue and Woodmont Ave.)
  • 5438 Westbard Avenue (In the Westbard Shopping Center)
  • 4710 Sangamore Road (In the Sumner Place Shopping Center)
  • 10251 Old Georgetown Road (In the Wildwood Shopping Center)

The location at 10251 Old Georgetown Road always has a line out the door but don’t let that dissuade you.  The staff here is super efficient and they have a crew of 6-9 people who make the line fly.  Next time you’re in Starbucks give the Parfait a try, you just might begin to believe that life really is a bowl of cherries! ~Brian

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