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Day 125: Hectic Week? Try Retail Therapy at DSW

DSW Bethesda...Shoe Lover's Heaven

It’s Friday evening and if you had a wild time yesterday celebrating Cinco de Mayo, happy hour is probably not high on your list of ways to relax this evening.  Why not try some retail therapy?!  🙂  DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) is ready accommodate you. 

Located at 10400 Old Georgetown Rd near Democracy Blvd, DSW is a shoe lovers heaven on earth!  The place is wall-to-wall, rack-after-rack shoes – platforms, pumps, peep toes and more.  With spring and summer come weddings, graduations and Mother’s Day.  That means we all need some new shoes, handbags and other accessories.  DSW’s corporate website calls their store “addictive” for the style-conscious shopper who appreciates a good value.  I have to agree – they deliver on all counts and especially the addiction part.  But I’m not alone – they now have over 300 stores in 37 states with lots of addicted shoppers fueling their corporate success story. 

DSW Shoe Warehouse Interior

My most recent experience involved shoe shopping with my 18-year old daughter who is soon to attend her senior prom.  This could have been a dreadful, all day exercise.  Shoes are such a BIG deal for prom these days, you would think these kids were getting married not going to a dance!  The worst part about it is that 10 seconds after arriving at the prom, the shoes are kicked off and left against the wall.  Sigh….  But I digress!

The bottom line is whether you are shopping for a picky prom princess, looking for some seasonal additions to your wardrobe or just in need of some good ole’ retail therapy, DSW is much more satisfying than wandering the halls of the mall.  Their racks are organized, the store is clean and well-lit, and the staff are generally helpful without being pushy.  Before you buy, be sure to sign up for their free rewards program which gives you $10 off a purchase once you accumulate enough rewards points, plus a birthday gift certificate, double points events and other perks.  Why not?  Their shoes are like potato chips, you can’t buy just one pair.  You’ll be back so you might as well be rewarded for your loyalty.  Let the addiction begin!        ~Amy

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