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Day 135: The Perfect Party Venue – The Woman's Club of Bethesda

5500 Sonoma at the corner of Old Georgetown Rd

With the onset of suburban living in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, social networking was changing.  Living in the “burbs” made it more difficult for the folks to stay in touch and enjoy social activities like they did in the cities, especially during the long, cold winter months.  As a result, groups such as literary guilds, citizen associations and women’s clubs began to assemble to fill that social gap and bring people together for fun and to support civic needs of the community.  In the home of one of its charter members, The Woman’s Club of Bethesda began in 1911 and adopted its motto, “An earnest club for earnest women.”  In 1927, the club moved to its current location off Old Georgetown Rd.

This year, The Woman’s Club of Bethesda celebrates its 100th anniversary and although the club has seen many changes over its 100 years, it still continues its tradition of wonderful women contributing their energy and resources to our community and to many worthy causes such as college scholarships, women’s shelters, Habitat for Humanity, crisis centers, food banks and more.  Their website shows a complete list of the charities and causes they supported in 2008.

Much of their philanthropic efforts come from the monies they earn by renting out their facility – and what a wonderful venue it is!  Outfitted with hardwood floors, the large meeting/ballroom is ideal for dances and/or large dinner events.  The room also offers a newly renovated stage (a microphone rental is available).  Brian and I recently attended a concert there and had a great time!  The band was on stage, the dance floor was down in front, and there were plenty of tables and chairs in the room to rest our aching feet in between sets.  The atmosphere was lively and fun.

Another View of the Club

In addition to the large meeting/ballroom, a small meeting room adjacent to the full kitchen is also available for rent.  There are photos on their website of the room beautifully set up with draped round tables.  The Center is ideally located at 5500 Sonoma Rd. on the corner of Old Georgetown Rd.  With 50 parking spots, there is ample free parking for your events.  Prices vary to rent the small meeting room, large meeting room and/or the whole facility depending on the spaces you need, the number of hours and day of the week.  To visit the facility and discuss your needs, they ask you to call ahead for an appointment so as not to interrupt an event.

The days of the quiet “burbs” not offering much to do have waned with the onset of the automobile and there is plenty to keep us all occupied and active these days.  Unfortunately, Women’s Clubs throughout the country have also waned in their membership and support.  The membership is aging and many clubs are struggling with how to attract a younger demographic to carry on their tradition of good times together and good works in the community.  But the The Woman’s Club of Bethesda is a wonderful organization with a rich 100 year history in our community that deserves our support.  If you are interested in membership, click here for more information.

If you have a bar/bat mitzvah, wedding reception, party, business meeting or other event to plan, consider The Woman’s Club of Bethesda as your venue.  You will support the club, their charities and civic efforts and you will be sure to have a fabulous event.       ~Amy

  1. Alan Gross

    I took cotillion dance lesson there when I

  2. Alan Gross

    I took dance lessons there when I was a kid. Fox Trot, Cha Cha, Waltz, an on and on. Thanks for bringing back the memories.

  3. Tin Tin Nu Raschid

    The Centennial celebrations of the Woman’s Club of Bethesda went off very well. Praises were given by Carlene Garner, International President of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs, Jo Miller, State President of GFWC, US Senator Ben Cardin, State Senator Brian Frosh, Congressman Chris Van Hollen, Montgomery County Chief Executive Isiah Leggitt ,and our own members Carolyn Morrison and Katherine Mizell, who are Honorary Presidents of the State General Federation of Women’s Clubs.

  4. Bethesda 365

    We are so glad you all enjoyed a wonderful 100th anniversary celebration and hope that the Woman’s Club of Bethesda continues its tradition for many decades to come. ~Amy

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