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Day 138: Bike to Work Bethesda, May 20th

Bethesda Let’s Bike to Work!

The Washington Area Bicyclist Association and Commuter Connections (WABA) will be hosting our local events for national Bike to Work Day tomorrow, May 20th.  Plan to connect with your neighbors and friends and share a 2-wheeled, ride-to-work experience!  There are four “pit stop” locations in Bethesda where you will pick up your event tee-shirt and begin your ride – one at Bethesda Naval Medical Center, two spots on the NIH campus and one spot in downtown Bethesda at the corner of Woodmont and Elm by Barnes and Noble.  The Downtown Bethesda pit stop is open from 6:30 AM – 8:30 AM.

If you’re interested in riding with a group, plan to join a convoy.  Convoy times, routes and information is available on the WABA website.  Check the starting time for your ideal pit stop location.

Although the event is absolutely FREE, you do need to register so get you should get on that now!  Here is the link: WABA Registration.

The event will also include entertainment, raffle prizes, food, drinks and more at all the pit stops throughout the region.  As a real estate agent, I am for once bummed that I don’t have to commute because I would love to participate in this event.  However, I encourage everyone to give this a try whether it would be your first time commuting to work by bike or one of many times.

In the words of John F. Kennedy, “Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.” 


  1. Alan Gross

    Saw this to late to pass on to my friend Mark Shupe at Bulman, Dunie, Burke & Feld. He bikes regularly from Takoma Park.

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