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Day 146: Bethesda Fresh Farm Market

The event logo from BUP

Located on Norfolk Avenue at Veteran’s Park between Fairmont and St. Elmo Avenues, the Bethesda Freshfarm Market is open every Saturday from 9 AM – 1 PM through October 29, 2011 – rain or shine!  The first Freshfarm Market was begun in 1997 at Dupont Circle in Washington, D.C. as a non-profit organization dedicated to sustainable agriculture in our local area. Their slogan is Promoting Food with a face, a place and a taste in the Chesapeake Bay region

According to the Freshfarm Market website, “all markets open and close with the ringing of a market bell and feature Chef at Market demos by renowned chefs, cookbook authors and passionate home cooks, who celebrate cooking with the seasonal foods in our region.”  Demonstrations tastings and book signings are common.

Chef from Freshfarm website

There are currently 11 markets in the region.  This year marks the second season for the Bethesda Freshfarm Market.  The market offers wonderful opportunities to get the freshest and best veggies, fruits, herbs, baked goods, meats, eggs, flowers and plants all grown or produced by the farmers within a 150 mile radius of the area.  Enjoy the opportunity to sample the seasonal varieties available within our region at their best.  When you want to check out specifically what’s available at the market at different times of year, visit the Freshfarm website or download the attached brochure.

There is another wonderful feature on the Freshfarm Market website that you may want to check out – a recipe finder.  You check off the ingredients you like and then click “search” and the site will respond with recipes using those ingredients.  But not only do you get the recipe, you also get information about the name and background of the chef who created it!  Very cool!  Try it on-line right here.

Bethesda Urban Partnership (BUP) is the sponsor of the Freshfarm Market in our town.  If BUP is involved, you can rest assured that no detail is missed.  They have put together a terrific group of vendors for our local market including:

Atwaters Bakery

Black Rock Orchard

Four Seasons Nursery

Garden Path Farm

Gunpowder Bison

Knouse Fruitlands

Mock’s Greenhouse

Praline Bakery

Spiral Path Farm

Sunset Valley Farm

Zahradka Farm and others.

The best part about the market is the cost – it’s FREE.  Well, at least until you find that special somethin’ that you can’t resist taking home with you!      ~Amy

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