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Day 159: Union Hardware – Fine Purveyors of After-Dinner Porcelain

One of MANY display walls

Brian and I went on a mission yesterday to help a client find a new door knocker for their front door.  The home is a beautiful Arts & Crafts style bungalow and we wanted to find the ideal piece of hardware to match the overall look of the home.  No plain old door knocker would do; we wanted to find something special.

Brian suggested Union Hardware located at 7800 Wisconsin Ave. in Bethesda.  I had never been there before but Brian told me of his many visits there when he was building homes in years past.

A nice selection of fine faucets

Hardware stores are not usually something I get excited about visiting but when we entered the showroom I was so surprised!  The fixtures and hardware were stunning.  Everything was so unique and like sculpted art – it made you just want to touch everything.  Thankfully, their showroom allows you to do just that!

Ahhh the perfect shape to relax!

I could get used to this!

As Brian worked with the very friendly associate on selecting a door knocker, I found myself wandering the store touching the various door knobs and handles on their display walls and looking in awe at their classy bathrooms while imagining my dream house.  I even had the opportunity to slip into a sleek soaking tub that I loved!  I believe it is called The Toulouse made by Victoria + Albert, a product from the UK.  The picture speaks for itself, right?

Cool sink!

The Goldberg Family started Union Hardware in Washington, D.C. in 1914 and they are now a third generation family owned business.  Considering all that they had to endure – two World Wars, The Great Depression and even our recent Great Recession, it is truly impressive that their business continued to survive and even flourish.

Their website tells their story.  They started out in the early 1900’s as a hardware supply store – hammers and nails and basic carpentry stuff.  Their name was inspired by the Unions in our country and their growing strength and Mr. Goldberg had a smart business strategy to serve them.  That plan was the key to helping his company forge through the tough times that our country would face.

In the mid-50’s they introduced a line of “decorative hardware” and the rest is history.  It became so popular that it is now their entire business line – high-end decorative plumbing, fixtures, hardware, lighting and more.  Charles Goldberg, the founder, is considered to be a pioneer in the decorative hardware business and, more casually in their business family, he is called a “great purveyor of after-dinner porcelain!”

Another cool sink and faucet!

In the 70’s Union Hardware took yet another leap and moved their business to the “burbs” of Bethesda where they have been ever since.  Their 6,800 square foot showroom is open 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM Monday through Saturday (a bit like bankers hours but I love that).  If you’re considering a new mailbox, knobs for a door or dresser, a door knocker, sink, toilet, faucet or TUB, you really must stop by and see the genuinely fine works of art available to you at Union Hardware.  Everyday, you touch those items in your home.  Why not create a memorable experience to enjoy?    ~Amy

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