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Day 171: Bone Jour Spotty

Bone Jour Logo

I’m 6’3″ and let’s just say I weigh over 200+ lbs.  My dog?  His name is Spotty and if that’s not bad enough he’s a little dog.  I wanted a big dog.  I wanted a Labrador.  What I ended up with was a “toodle” – a cross between, do I dare say it, a Poodle and a terrier.  He’s a little lap dog.  He came into my life without my consent, my consultation or blessing.  I fell in love with the dog.  He wormed his way right into my “a big man’s gotta have a big dog” heart.  Spotty’s mission is to love you.  We’ve had him nearly 12 years and I can tell you he is the best dog.

Spotty Before!

Unfortunately, I have not been as good an owner as he has been a pet.  Recently, Spotty was in need of some serious grooming as you can see from the photo.  At the recommendation of the vet, Benson Animal Hospital, I took Spotty to Bone Jour Inc., Dog Grooming, located at 4927A Saint Elmo Avenue.  Bone Jour is the brain child of Becky Pugh in 1986.  Their website states their mission which is “to provide people and their dogs with a loving, happy environment” and they do that very well.  They offer services for all breeds including, custom cuts, boarding, and even a dog bakery.  They have been voted “Best” by the readers of Bethesda Magazine and Washingtonian Magazine.

Spotty After

Dog Bakery & Treats

The accolades do not surprise me as Spotty was in need of some serious treatment and the manager Joanne Gildea, whose been with the company for 10 years, welcomed me and Spotty and took great care of us.  According to Bone Jour’s blogspot Becky’s original idea for the business was really to bake dog and cat treats.  She began making dog treats and her boss at the time began sending them to various big wigs and political figures.  Then she got a break and got an article published about her.  Then she took a leap and rented a building with a second floor she thought she could sublease to a dog groomer who would compliment her treats business.  Next thing she knew she was in the grooming business.  The most ironic thing is that when Becky began the business she was really a “cat person” and did not even own a dog!  The rest, as they say, is history and the company just celebrated its 25th year in business!  Nevertheless, today it’s all about dogs.  The store is conveniently located with free parking, a parking garage next door and plenty of metered parking on the street.  The price was very reasonable for Spotty today considering the tangled mess they had on their hands.  I asked them to give him a Paris Island haircut.  That’s a crew cut for those of you who aren’t familiar with Paris Island, S.C., the site of the U.S. Marine Corps’ basic training camp.  This summer’s gonna be a nice cool one for my little friend Spotty and now I have a convenient and friendly groomer to keep him happy. ~Brian

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