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Day 180: Party Mania

Party Mania

Did you say let’s party?  If you did, and you’re the host, you need to head down to Party Mania located at 4910 Cordell Avenue.  This store looks small from the street but don’t let that diminutive store front fool you.  The store is surprisingly deep and amazingly well stocked.  Here you’ll find all the items you’ll need to do that party right.  This is THE place if you need balloons.  There must be over 100 helium balloons to choose from all displayed high along the outside wall of the store.  They’ve also got a ton of cards for every occasion (rivaling the selection you might find in a Hallmark store), Pinatas, costumes, paper goods (plates, cups etc.), and party supplies you don’t even know you need but do.  Beer pong supplies?  They got it.  Wrapping paper, ribbons and bows?  Check.  Small toys and goodie bags.  Yup.

My Own Pet Balloon dog

They’ve also got the hottest balloons going right now the popular My Own Pet Balloons.  These balloons are really cool because they are shaped like animals like dogs, cats, even dinosaurs.  There are 27 breeds and animals to choose from.  The balloons were recently featured on the Today Show.  The animal legs are flexible and weighted, keeping the balloon hovering the appropriate distance off the ground.  As you move the balloon forward the legs release from the ground and allow the balloon to “walk” with the owner.  Really, they are so much fun and the best part is there’s no mess to pick up after walking them!

Ghostbuster Outfit

Amy and I discovered this store shortly after they opened this past Halloween.  Before they loaded the store up with every party related item known to mankind they had the store crammed full with all kinds of costumes.  We settled on Fred and Wilma Flintstone last year and the outfits were hilarious (at least we thought so).  This year they plan to clear out some of the party items and again have a huge selection of Halloween gear ready and available.  I’m thinking Amy might look really good in this Ghostbusters outfit (black boots with 6″ heels not included!).  Click on the photo to see more details, such as the fine stitching on the outfit.

There’s a party store… in our Bethesda neighborhood….Who ya gonna call?  Party Mania! ~Brian

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