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Day 183: Unleash Your Inner Artist at the Yellow Barn Studio

Yellow Barn Studio

Inside of many of us you’ll find the soul of an artist – a dancer, a painter, a writer, a photographer.  Few lucky people have found a way to make their art become their livelihood but if you, like me, have an artist inside with no outlet to express it, you’re in luck.  If you live in or around Bethesda, there is a place for you to unleash your inner artist (talented or not!) at the Yellow Barn Studio & gallery at Glen Echo Park.

Founded in 1994 by Walter Bartman who continues to serve as its Director today, the Yellow Barn was created to bring together a community of artists and provide a means to show their work, grow and improve their skills, and ultimately sell their work.  Additionally, Mr. Bartman has been teaching art in the Bethesda area for over 30 years including some time spent as an instructor at Walt Whitman High School.  He continues to serve our community as a teacher through the many classes offered at the Yellow Barn Studio.  The classes cater to the absolute beginner (like me!) to the skilled technician, thus far serving over 9,000 students since 1994.

The Glen Echo Park’s website offers a comprehensive list of classes available to try your hand at drawing or painting including watercolor, oil and acrylics.  Prices appear to range anywhere from $145 – $295 and are offered all throughout the summer.

Gallery Hours

If your interest in art is simply limited to the appreciation of it, you will still want to stop by the Yellow Barn Gallery on Saturdays and Sundays between 12 PM – 5 PM  to enjoy the exhibitions.  You can also support the arts in our community by joining the Friends of the Yellow Barn to promote the ongoing programs there and scholarships for students, among other perks.  Lastly, every month or so, the Stone Tower Artist-In-Residence program showcases the works of a featured local artist providing an opportunity for the public to stop by and see the artist in action or hear lectures in the studio.  This month you can enjoy the talents of Barbara French Pace who specializes in landscape paintings using oil and some acrylics and pastels.  She is offering art talks on Sundays from 1 – 2 PM.

Enjoy the opportunity to learn more about the world of art, explore your inner creative skills or just appreciate the fine works of the artists in residence at the Yellow Barn Studio & Gallery. While you’re there, perhaps you could take in a ride on the old Carousel as well!     ~Amy

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