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Day 184: Happy 4th of July Bethesda!

The Fireworks Display over the National Mall 2011...from our living room

This 235th celebration of the signing of the Declaration of Independence was experienced in our town like every other across the nation today.  There were neighborhood parades, countless numbers of backyard barbeques and gatherings of family and friends dressed in red, white and blue.  Of course, there were fireworks displays too but in Bethesda where the pyrotechnics are not legal, many people journey a few miles down the road to the Capital and enjoy the annual fireworks display on the National Mall.  This year a record number of attendees showed up for the annual celebration of our nation’s independence.

A beautiful view with the Capital in the foreground

As for Brian and me, well, we opted to enjoy the National Independence Day celebration on the Mall from the comforts of our living room – as did many Bethesda residents, I’m sure.  Here are some of our favorite shots, regrettably blurry as they were taken of our TV from our cell phone!  LOL!  Oh well, you get the idea.  Happy 4th of July Friends!  We hope it was wonderful for you and your families.

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