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Day 202: Tia Queta – A Little Bit of Mexico in Bethesda

The boldly-colored Tia Queta on Del Ray Ave

A few days ago, Brian and I were invited to attend a happy hour party at Tia Queta for a friend leaving the area.  Tia Queta is located at 4839 Del Ray Ave.  I had never been there before and didn’t even know where it was.  It was a warm evening and we were late (as usual) but even though it was a Friday evening and the busy dinner hour, parking in the public lot next door was no problem at all.  Now that area parking lots offer Pay-By-Cell, we didn’t have to run to the car to re-fill the meter either.

When you walk in the door of the unassuming, yet boldly colored Tia Queta, you immediately feel transported to Mexico.  The festive music and brightly colored murals on the walls begin your attitude adjustment until such time as the tequila can finish the job!  On this particular evening, our party was held upstairs on their rooftop terrace.  What fun!  The evening was warm and so was our greeting.  The casual atmosphere of the rooftop terrace was the perfect backdrop for a lively gathering of friends.  We really felt like we were somewhere in Mexico, far away from busy Bethesda.

Tia Queta

The drinks came first – mostly margaritas and Coronas of course.  Then came some wonderfully prepared dishes of all kinds.  The nachos and quesadillas were truly mouth-watering.  Loved the salsa too.  I think we also had what they call “miniature enchilada verdes.”  Sooo yummy!  I lived in San Diego for several years and enjoyed authentic Mexican food often.  The closest I have come to that since then is Tia Queta – and that’s saying something.

I am looking forward to a trip back sometime soon to enjoy a full dinner and perhaps some sopapillas for dessert.  I also noticed that Tia Queta offers catering services – an ideal option for a summer party.  But one of the best things that stuck with me about my visit to Tia Queta was the service and care offered by its owner, Roberto Montesinos, and his staff.  We received a warm greeting when we arrived and a big thank you when we left.  It felt like we had been visiting someone’s Mexican home.  If you have never stopped in for a meal at Tia Queta in its 31 years in Bethesda, it’s never too late to try it.  You’ll be glad you did.  ¡Buen Provecho!     ~Amy

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