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Day 205: BOGO Burger Day at Parker's Restaurant

Burger Day!

It’s Monday and that means it’s Burger Day at Parker’s Restaurant.  Parker’s is located at 4824 Bethesda Ave. and offers a casual dining area and sports bar.  Come dressed any way you like.  As we described on Day 37, we love going to Parker’s for happy hour between 3 PM – 6 PM weekdays.  Since it’s across the street from our office, it’s our own Cheers for RE/MAX!

Our cheeseburgers

Have the Monday blues?  A burger makes it better!  Take it from us – we just ate a couple!  The Monday deal is this – buy one burger (and two drinks) and you get the second burger for only $0.99.  Parker’s burgers are fresh-grilled and tasty.  There are four burger options: a good old-fashioned cheeseburger, the hickory burger, the bayou burger and the roasted Portobello burger.  We both opted for the cheeseburgers today but instead of fries, Brian tried a side of asparagus.  They were big, fat, nicely grilled asparagus stalks and they were really tasty!

The Restaurant

Parker’s is a great place to party and August 20th they are throwing their own 20th birthday party. The details are posted on their Facebook page which you can check out right here.  There will be a DJ, drink specials, food specials, door prizes, a raffle and more.  Sounds like fun.   I am sure they will have the drinks flowin’, the music hoppin’ and the food cookin’!  Let’s party!


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