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Day: 210 Ronald and Me at the new McD's

Ronald McDonald & Carter (great face!)

There are three McDonald’s located in Bethesda and I know them all too well.  I’m not proud of the fact I know them well but my boys have a McDonald’s chicken nugget obsession and I indulge them.  We frequent the McDonald’s at Montgomery Mall, the McDonald’s on Pearl Street (between Montgomery Ave. and East-West Highway), and tonight’s blog the “new” McDonald’s on River Road.  The River Road McDonald’s, the first in Montgomery County, has undergone a major $500K+ modern facelift.

I finally meet Ronald McDonald!

This year McDonald’s has plans to “re-image” the standard McDonald’s look with a more contemporary look more reminiscent of Starbucks.  And our River Road McDonald’s is sporting the “new” image McDonald’s will likely have for the next 25 years .  Now there’s stone on the exterior and the large Golden Arches have been replaced with a curved ribbon of gold above the entrance.  The interior now looks like something you would see in Architectural Digest depicting the latest modern cuisine in New York.  Stools replace most of the booths, and round seating with “leather” seats provides much more comfortable dining.  High tables with stools and  flat-screen TVs, and free wi-fi now greet you as well.  According to the company, McDonald’s sales jump 7 percent in remodeled stores and they plan to remodel 600 stores in 2011.

The new Golden Arch!

The River Road McDonald’s has been running specials all month leading up to their grand re-opening on Sunday July 31.  Today we just happened to stop by and got to see Ronald McDonald in the flesh.  Man he hasn’t aged a day in all the years I’ve known him.  How does he do that? ~Brian

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