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Day 282: Classic Toys in Bethesda – tugooh toys & Yiro

tugooh toys & Yiro

When my girls were little, I made a dress-up trunk for them.  In went old Halloween costumes, high heel shoes that weren’t in fashion anymore, old purses, aprons, dresses and costume jewelry.  The girls would spend hours dressing up and pretending to “go to work” or acting like models on the fashion runway.  Their dress up trunk offered hours of fun and laughter and I have the pictures today to enjoy forever.

Recently I visited tugooh toys & Yiro  located at 4823 Bethesda Ave. for a walk down memory lane with my eldest daughter – now 22 – who was visiting Bethesda from Seattle.  They had all kinds of great toys from her youth and mine – classics like wooden train sets, doll houses, Lamb Chomp puppets, Rubik’s Cube and lots of dresses and costumes that brought back those dress up trunk memories for both of us.  tugooh toys & Yiro also offers new favorites as well, so every kid from 4 to 40 would be pleased.  I still have no idea what tugooh means but the toys are well-made in appearance, many of which are educational in nature.  There is also a nice selection of books available.  Yiro is the upscale, eco-friendly organic clothing line you’ll find displayed in the back of the boutique.

Ahhh, the memories of dress up!

Our Mad Libs!

Our Mad Libs!

We spent a long time browsing through the store, laughing and playing with toys – old and new – on display.  No one hassled us and we received prompt service when the time came to check out with our goodies.  One of the things we selected was Mad Libs – a word game that’s always a raucous good time on a long car or airplane ride with family or friends.  If you have never tried them, check them out!  tugooh toys & Yiro is a great shop for browsing with your kids, to find unique and classic gifts and for a walk down memory lane!    ~Amy

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