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Day 285: Grand Opening of the NEW Safeway in Bethesda

The Old Safeway (

The NEW Safeway! (Right now) Photo:

Today marked the first day of operations for the new Safeway located in Bethesda at 5000 Bradley Blvd.  OK so “technically” this new “Bethesda Safeway” actually has a Chevy Chase address – but who’s checking!  Don’t worry if you didn’t make it today though – the Grand Opening extends through tomorrow, Friday, October 14th when there will be a 12-hour sale from 8 AM – 8 PM.

I couldn’t help but head out today and brave the crowds, the crazy 2-level underground parking lot and even the Montgomery County tornado watch this afternoon to check out the new digs!

After watching the building come to life over many months, the store’s opening has been much anticipated in our area.  The dilapidated old, one-story and dare we say it “dumpy” Safeway store that once occupied the corner of Bradley Blvd and Arlington has now been replaced by a new, sleek, attractive 3-story structure that even has up-lighting at night that gradually changes colors.  It’s pretty cool actually!

You can see the total transformation of the structure on an OxBlue time lapse web cam from Roche Constructors, Inc.  Click on any day of the site’s calendar to see the construction progress day-by-day.

The store has a pharmacy, dry cleaning service, Starbucks kiosk, antipasti bar, cafe where you can get sushi, sandwiches and other food made ready-to-eat and a nice floral department.  The wood fire oven in the back where they were baking loaves of fresh bread was my favorite discovery though!  Here are some pictures of what I found at the new Safeway this evening:

Gift wrapped platters for entertaining or gifts

Enjoy something from the cafe & look over the town

A Refrigerator Section in the Pet Aisle? Yep!

The Produce Section

Interesting spices and roots for international cooking

Fresh baked bread from the oven! They will slice it for you too!

  1. Wendy Leibowitz

    What are the prices like? That’s an important consideration for some of us.

  2. Bethesda 365

    Hi Wendy, I thought the sale prices were really terrific. Basic everyday prices seemed competitive but not necessarily better than local competitors. Look for sales and coupons though.

  3. Lisa

    Thanks for the preview! I’m looking forward to checking out the new store.

  4. Bethesda 365

    Thanks Lisa. We appreciate you stopping by Bethesda365!

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