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Day 7: The sweet smell of Crêpes on a warm night

Rita's Crêpes

I first noticed Rita’s Crêpes a couple of years ago in one of the small kiosks located near Mon Ami Gabi and the Bethesda Row Cinema.  Tonight, with the afterglow of amazing January temperatures in the mid 60’s today, my nose reminded me of Rita’s Crepes as the sweet smell of fresh crêpes filled the air along Woodmont Avenue.  The stand was very busy as people lined up to enjoy all this unique Bethesda food business has to offer.

The origin of Crêpes is French and involves pouring specially prepared batter onto a hot frying pan and essentially making a very thin pancake.  They are delicious plain with a little butter but most people enjoy them filled or topped with a wide range of ingredients.  Rita’s crêperie features ten sweet toppings and fillings including an old standby –cinnamon and brown sugar– to the more exotic Tea with the Queen (Latifa) that includes Apricot preserves, peaches and cinammon sugar and walnuts.  Bethesda Patch had a nice profile on this business just a few weeks ago and I always love to hear what motivates someone to strike out on their own and start a business.  In the Patch post the owner Rita Douglass talks about her European roots and how the small stand, and it’s growing popularity, is really a reflection of her love of Crêpes and a taste from “back home” (she used to work at a Crêpe restaurant in Germany).  She is just another example of the amazing entrepreneurial spirit you find around Bethesda.

Rita at work

Tonight a warm Crêpe and the gentle aroma of butter were the perfect compliment to the unusually warm weather we’ve had this year.  One of my least favorite seasons in Bethesda is winter so I have to ask myself after a day like today,  “Is global warming really so bad?” 🙂 ~Brian

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