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Day 46: Hot Diggity Dogs in Bethesda

Gourmet Dogs and Fries

Today I had the pleasure of enjoying a good ‘ole fashioned hot dog for lunch.   But this was no greasy, spongy hot dog wrapped in foil from the football stadium.  I went gourmet baby!  Bold Bite Dogs & Fries in Bethesda located at 4901 Fairmont Ave is rockin’ hot dogs and sausages like you’ve perhaps never seen done before.  The owners and brothers, Alonso and Alvaro Roche, were inspired to create Bold Bite from their experiences growing up in Venezuela buying late night hot dogs from street vendors.  Alonso Roche is a graduate of L’Academie de Cuisine and has also worked in several local Bethesda residents among other accomplishments.  He has put his experience and talents to delicious use at Bold Bite.

Bold Bite was truly a bit of a surprise to me today.  I mean, I like hot dogs and all, but I really enjoyed the texture of the dog and the bun, the unique flavors and the obvious freshness.  It was clear with the first bite that this was no ordinary dog.  I selected the New York dog with a Vienna frank, sauerkraut, New York style onions, spicy mustard and a steamed bun.  The french fries were another big perk.  They are cooked “Belgian style” apparently – very fresh, hand cut and flavorful with potato skins and all. 

Bold Bite interior

You will find an array of pre-designed gourmet hot dog options on the menu – or you can just build your own, as Brian did today with a simple mustard and onion dog.  Bold Bite has become my new guilty pleasure in Bethesda – especially for a late night snack!  They are open until 2:30 AM on Friday and Saturday nights and until 8:30 PM Sunday through Thursday.  Hot diggity dog!     ~Amy

  1. jon enten

    What a great addition to the long list of restaurants in Bethesda! I am wondering though why they don’t have any Kosher dogs on the menu. Seems like that would be a popular items. I know it’s my favorite.

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