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The World is your Grilled Oyster!

IMG_2059My mother had been prodding me to join her for dinner.  You know how your mom can be. For weeks – no months – she has been “suggesting” that we eat at the Grilled Oyster located in the Cabin John Shopping Center (301) 299-9888.  I should have listened to my mother…My step father Claxton Walker, who we affectionately called Cap’n Clack, was a sailing man – a skipper brave and sure (in an odd coincidence I’m related to the Skipper on Gilligan’s Island as well!)  Clacky, as we called him, loved to sail on the Chesapeake Bay and loved to grill oysters outside his home in St. Michaels.  He cut old 50 gallon oil drum cans in half and welded rebar to the tops for the grilling surface.  He made some serious grilled oysters.  I should have known if my mother liked a place called the Grilled Oyster it must serve up some good seafood and the Grilled Oyster does not disappoint. Of course they have grilled oysters on the half-shell, served with a Stoli Citron cocktail sauce that really clears the sinus.  They have a half-dozen or so grilled oyster appetizers and meals to choose from.

But the Grilled Oyster is more than oysters. They have an extensive menu of expertly prepared seafood items including clams, shrimp, mussels, calamari, crab, rock fish, salmon, and scallops – all fire grilled, fried, and tastefully stewed.  For the land and animal lovers there are a few selections too including hummus, salads, vegetable orzo, as well as grilled filet mignon and rosemary chicken.  The wine list is ample with plenty of choices by the glass at reasonable prices.  It’s also clear that the local owners have taken pride in a well stocked bar with classic favorites, draft beers and “hard cider.”  Mint Julep anyone?  How about a happy hour “oyster shooter!” You can’t beat that shot for $4.  The brunch menu features Maryland eggs Benedict served with crab cakes!  Yum!  Ever have a hunker’n for grits?  This is your place.

The restaurant is open 11:00 am to 10:00 pm daily and an hour later on Friday and Saturday nights.  It seats 100+ and is very nicely appointed.  They’ve also put some tables outside if you want to watch the strip mall traffic – I admit I’d love it even more on Woodmont Avenue.  The staff was amazingly friendly and very enthusiastic about the menu having no doubt tried, tested and become addicted to it all.

I’m going back to the Grilled Oyster again.  I’m going to toast Cap’n Clacky with an oyster shooter soon.  Mom was right.  Why don’t I ever listen?


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