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The Rich History of Our Town Bethesda

This 15 minute video on the history of our town, Bethesda, is worth a watch!  You’ll learn about some famous people behind the street names you recognize in the area such as Lilly Stone, Tuckerman, Leland and more.  You find out about the New Deal and how Bethesda benefited from it and see the old and new photos of significant historic buildings and icons of our town, including the oldest office building still standing, the oldest road in Montgomery County and the Madonna of the Trail.  Narrated by a Bethesda native, Mr. Offutt offers a charming yet informative overview of the rich history of our town.  Enjoy!

Day 116: Porky The Litter Eater

Our blog yesterday triggered a small ground swell of responses relating to the miniature train and Porky The Litter Eater.  This Porky consumes litter.  If the Big Bad Wolf came down the chimney on this “trash house” he would wish he had been recycled!  For those of you who have not had the privilege of meeting Porky I thought you would enjoy this video.  The first time my daughter, who was about 6 at the time, heard Porky I thought she was going to leap out of her skin!  She held on to me so tight I thought she would break my skin.  When Porky begins to speak it’s a little creepy and when he swallows paper lookout!  To visit Porky in person head over to Cabin John Regional Park.  Until then…..enjoy!


Day 23: Let's Get Eating Bethesda!

Bethesda Restaurant

In 1992, the Democratic National Convention was coming to New York City.  In anticipation of the big event, some clever restaurant owners in New York City partnered with the convention bureau to offer the attendees a special welcome in the form of “Restaurant Week.”  They banded together to share the promotional and advertising costs for the event, offering a fixed price meal at any of the participating locations to entice the attendees to try their culinary delights.

Restaurant week was a huge hit not only with the convention attendees but with New Yorkers themselves and as a result, the tradition has continued and expanded to this day.  Now you can experience the phenomenon in many cities throughout the U.S. – including Bethesda of course.  This week, January 24 – 30th, is restaurant week in the Bethesda-Chevy Chase area.

With almost 200 restaurants in our town, Bethesda is known for its diverse array of culinary experiences.  People come from all over the greater DC area to dine here (one of the reasons our parking garages are absolutely nuts in the evening, especially on Friday and Saturday nights).  Bethesda restaurants reflect the mixing pot of cultures you find in its residents and you can have some truly unique food experiences here.

[wpvideo awUglsCA]

Brian and I enjoy eating – perhaps far too much!  So restaurant week is a great excuse for us to try a new restaurant or to frequent one of our regular haunts.  As such, we plan to feature a restaurant a day this week on – bringing you our tips, reviews and thoughts on some of our favorites amongst those participating.  Please feel free to add your comments or suggestions too!

In 2011, over 35 Bethesda restaurants are offering a 2-course lunch menu for $12 – $15 and a 3-course dinner for $30 – not including beverage, tax or tip.  Don’t forget to make a reservation AND check on whether your meal of choice has a fixed price meal option available.  Some restaurants only offer the pre fixe meal option for either lunch OR dinner, but not both.  For a complete list of restaurants visit the BUP (Bethesda Urban Partnership) website.

Bon Appetite Bethesda!      ~Amy

DAY 1: Resolve to get fit in 2011? Check out our pick – Equinox!

Welcome to Day 1 of Bethesda 365! We are excited to share our favorite haunts, facts, tips and experiences we enjoy in our hometown of Bethesda, MD.  As two real estate professionals, we spend a lot of time helping clients get to know our area.  We figured that our blog, Bethesda 365, would be a great way to share some insights.

Equinox from Woodmont Ave

Today, January 1st, we feature our favorite gym – Equinox.  It is a premier fitness center that opened its doors in Bethesda in the fall of 2010.  If you join (or are already a member) we recommend trying out Tabata!  It’s a tough class that really works you hard!  One tip, Tabata classes are usually VERY full so get there early to stake out your spot.

Cool eucalyptus towels!

One of our favorite treats at Equinox is the cool eucalyptus towels they offer on the fitness floor.  Wow!  What a refreshment after a hard workout.

Equinox is a pleasure to visit for lots of reasons.  Brian highly recommends the showers!  And no, in case you’re wondering, we are not being paid to tout how great they are – heck, we just started this blog today.  We just genuinely enjoy the experience of a workout there and think it would be a great way to stick to your New Year’s resolution to GET FIT in 2011.  Check in tomorrow for more Bethesda 365…and please send us any suggestions for a future blog.  ~Amy