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Azalea Festival at Landon School May 3-5th, 2013

Azaleas in full bloom

Azaleas in full bloom

It’s the 60th Annual Azalea Garden Festival at Landon School this year!  The event is a time-honored tradition to help raise funds for student financial assistance and faculty enrichment at Landon School.

The festival runs from 10 AM – 5 PM each day, May 3rd – 5th, 2013 and is located at 6101 Wilson Lane.  Parking and general admission are free.  The event offers more than just gorgeous blooming plants.  You will also find entertainment in the form of music, art and even Funland for the kids!  Oh, and of course, yummy treats too.

60th Annual Azalea Garden Festival

60th Annual Azalea Garden Festival

Click here to check out the pictures and an article from our 2011 visit to Funland at the Azalea Festival.  Perfect for all ages, the festival is wonderful time for the whole family.

Here is a link to the 2013 Landon Azalea Festival Garden booklet for this year’s event details.


Day 128: This One Time at Band Camp….

Bethesda Day Camps

Remember going to camp when you were young?  The anticipation of the fun to be had and the nervousness you experienced wondering who you would bunk with or whether you would make new friends seemed almost overwhelming.  But when it was all said and done, you came home with lots of great experiences and stories to tell.  I remember this one time, at band camp…oh wait, perhaps I should save that story for another time.  Instead, let’s talk about Summer Camps in Bethesda for 2011!

It’s definitely time to make your final decisions about summer camps for the kids and get registered!  We hoped to make it easier for you to conduct your search by compiling our local camps here.  Bethesda is absolutely loaded with options for day camps for kids and some offer sleep away camps too.  But don’t delay, summer camps are filling up quickly!  Here is a list of some of the creative camps offered in Bethesda that we were able to dig up for you:

Adventure Theater at Glen Echo – Musical theatre world in a camp complete with choreography, acting and singing.

Artworks Classes – Ages 6-12.  Check out our blog “Drink and Draw”, artworks classes are for adults too!

Bach to Rock (B2R) – VERY COOL Band Camp!

Big Train Summer Baseball Camp – The fundamentals of the game and the opportunity to play every day.

Camp Olympia – Sports day camp including soccer, horseback riding, swimming, tennis and basketball.

The Center for Movement, Music and Art, Inc. – Ages 1 – 7+

Glen Echo Park Summer Camps – Something for everyone including fine arts, visual arts, dance, movement, writing and more!

The Harbor School Summer Camp – A little bit of everything.  June 20th – August 12th.

Imagination Stage Summer Camp – Performing Arts Camp.  For more information about Imagination Stage, check out our blog entry from Day 88.

Just Cakes Cooking Classes – For your budding culinary genius.  Check out our blog entry about Just Cakes.

Landon Grand Slam Tennis Camp – Boys ages 7 – 17.  More information about Landon School for Boys on our blog, Day 118.

Math Tree – Making math fun!

The Next Level Athletic Performance Center – Sports camp ages 6-12.

Summer at WES – Ages 4 – 14, day camps and sleep away camps.

Summer Camp at Norwood  – Ages 3 1/2 – 14 and something for everyone.  Our Norwood Park blog offers a quick look at the beautiful location.

TIC Summer Camp – Technology and Sports ages 7 – 14.

YMCA Bethesda-Chevy Chase – 29 different one and two-week camps at three local sites.

Whew.  That’s a LOT of camps – and that’s just here in Bethesda!  If this isn’t all of them, please feel free to add more by posting a comment.  We hope that your kids enjoy summer camp – we know YOU will Mom and Dad!  😉

So maybe now I could tell you about this one time at band camp….


Day 120: Bethesda Fun at Funland

Landon Funland

Today the boys and I headed to the annual Azalea Festival.  For $20 we got 25 tickets for the Landon Funland.  The tickets did not last too long and so we were back in line for more tickets pretty quickly (each ride was 2-3 tickets).  The fun began at 10:00 a.m. and we were the first to go on many of the attractions provided by Big Country Amusements.

Our first stop was the Vertical Rush.

Vertical Rush

The kids raced each other and scrambled through an obstacle course, up a stud filled climbing wall to the top, then raced down the side slides.

Our second stop was The Gladiator.  The kids donned padded helmets and did what every sibling everywhere wishes they could do –get permission to use a battering ram to clobber their brother or sister.  My boys climbed on the two padded islands and went at it.  Surprisingly the kids needed very little instruction on this particular “amusement” attraction.

The Gladiator

Next stop was another aggressive “game” called the Wrecking Ball where the object was to hurl a large padded ball at your opponent in order to knock them off their padded pedestal.  It was as if the operators knew what really fired my boys’ imaginations.  This particular event made me laugh out loud as both boys were clobbered by the ball and went flying into the padded arena below.

The Wrecking Ball

There were about a dozen inflatable games altogether and trust me we tried them all (some more than once!).  There was also a miniature Ferris Wheel and a contraption called The Spinnner that was designed to make small children dizzy and lose their breakfast.

The Climbing Wall

There was also a really cool 30+ foot climbing wall.  I was surprised how daring my boys were.  They slipped into the climbing safety harness and reached the summit faster than I could get the camera in focus.

All in all they really had a great time.  The whole time we were going from game to game the smell of the bar-b-que cooking up hamburgers, hot dogs and other creations was wafting through the air.  Nothing like a tasty hot dog after climbing, jumping, sliding and beating one another as only siblings can! ~ Brian

Day 118: Bethesda's in Bloom – Celebrate at the Azalea Festival

Landon Azalea Festival

As you drive around Bethesda’s neighborhoods lately, you can’t help but notice the bright red, pink, purple and white blooms bursting forth outside almost every home.  The azaleas are in full glory right now, and what better way to enjoy them than to attend the Azalea Festival at Landon School.  This year marks the 58th Festival at the school which is located at 6101 Wilson Ln.  The festival will be held today, April 29th through May 1st from 10 AM – 5 PM daily.  All monies raised at the event will support student financial aid and faculty enrichment, helping one in six boys to attend the school.

The Azalea Festival is much more than just a plant sale, although that is certainly the backbone of the event.  There will be over 50 vendors offering delicious food, home decor, collectibles, jewelry, antiques and more.  One of the pleasures of the festival (other than the fact that it’s free to attend and free to park!) is the tour of the world-class Perkins Garden with over 15,000 azalea blooms.  There are fun activities for kids too with inflatables, a dunk tank, face painting and games.  Music performances will provide a lively background and culminate on Saturday at 5 PM with the Azalea Festival Pops by the Landon Symphonette.  There is a fee for the music events.

Azaleas in full bloom

The Landon School for boys grades 3-12 is an independent, non-sectarian private institution that began in 1929 just before the stock market crash.  Tough timing!  The founder, Paul Landon Banfield, and his wife began the school, originally on Embassy Row in D.C. at 2131 Massachusetts Ave.  They started with 23 students – half of whom were expelled within the first year for failing to meet the demanding standards they set.  In 1934, the school moved to its present location on Wilson Lane in Bethesda.  The principles of the school emphasize character development with a focus upon perseverance, teamwork, honor and fair play, according to the school’s website.  Landon School is one of 57 private schools in Bethesda.

So come on out and support the education of young boys and enjoy the splendor of spring at the 58th Azalea Festival at Landon School.  The weather should be perfect this weekend to allow us to fully appreciate the fleeting days of spring here in Bethesda.       ~Amy